Noise and Nuisance Service

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Alternative Name Noise and Nuisance Environmental Health
Description Noise related issues are dealt with by a team within Environmental Health tackling noise from both domestic homes and commercial businesses as well as other nuisances such as smells and dust.
Address Directorate of Environmental Health 37 Pembroke Road
W8 6PW
Telephone 020 7361 3002 - Environmental Healthline
Environmental Healthline: 020 7361 3002 (24 Hour)
Email - Environmental Healthline
Hours 24 hour service.
Services Comprehensive call-out service for borough residents troubled by noise/nuisances and those with urgent environmental health problems outside office hours.
Notes This service is designed primarily for noisy parties, neighbours, or alarms and noise from commercial premises.

Environmental health officers do not have the power to stop the nuisance on the spot.
Last Updated 16 December 2016

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