Kensington and Chelsea Youth Council

Youth Cabinet Member of Kensington and Chelsea

What is Youth Council Cabinet Member? 

Members of the Youth Cabinet are elected young people who aim to improve young people's lives and the communities around them.

What do Youth Cabinet Members do?

The Youth Cabinet Members lead on Youth Council projects and represent issues relating to young people, including:

Cabinet Member for Budget and Finance 
  • Revenue and capital budget planning and monitoring
  • Treasury management
  • Overviewing £40,000 Youth participation Fund 
Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing 
  • Reduce the stigma around mental health 
  • Ensure all Kensington and Chelsea young people can access mental and wellbeing support 
  • Create and launch a series of workshops focusing on coping mechanisms 
Cabinet Member for Education 
  • Support financial literacy and money management 
  • Support work experience, pathways, career opportunities and access criteria 
  • Create and launch a life skills programme, covering cooking, self-management, and self-care 
Cabinet Member for Environment and Air Quality  
  • Increasing recycling and composting 
  • Contributing to the transport Strategy and operations regarding accessibility (how we travel) 
  • Contributing to the Climate Strategy 
Cabinet Member for Communities and Services for young people
  • Promoting youth involvement and development in the community
  • Promoting youth led social action and consultation 
  • Increasing the voice and influence of young people and seldom-heard groups. 
Cabinet Member for Children in Care/Leaving Care
  • Empowering the voice of Children who are Looked After and Care Leavers, including unaccompanied Children Asylum Seekers ad young careers. 
  • Increasing young people’s participation in services 
  • Promoting young people’s access to services 

They also represent the views of young people at a local level, gather the views of their peers through surveys and workshops, and communicate these views to decision-makers. 

Last updated: 23 February 2023