Support for carers

Who is a carer?

A carer is someone who looks after a partner, family member, friend, or neighbour. They will need their help because of illness, disability, or old age. A carer may be a child or an adult, providing unpaid care to either a child or an adult.

Many people do not see themselves as carers straight away, they are doing what anyone would, caring unpaid for a loved one or friend, helping them through when they are unable to do things for themselves.

Being a carer can put great pressure on someone. Recognising yourself as a carer can be the gateway to getting a range of help and support which can take some pressure off you and allow you some time for yourself.

Visit the People First website for information on looking after someone.

Carers’ assessments

If you care for someone you are entitled to a carer’s assessment. This is a conversation with you and focuses on your caring role and the impact this has on you, the different areas of your life, and your wellbeing. It includes asking about your:

  • physical and mental wellbeing
  • family and other relationships
  • ability to access education, employment, and volunteering opportunities
  • ability to provide care to a child or children
  • ability to maintain a habitable home environment
  • ability to take part in social activities
  • ability to manage and maintain good nutrition

Your assessment can be carried out at the same time as we assess the person you care for (though not in their presence), or you can request for it to be carried out separately.

As a result of your assessment, you may be offered advice and support to help reduce the impact on your caring role and other areas of your life – even if the person you care for is not eligible to receive support from the Council.

Visit the People First website for information on requesting a carers' assessment.

Financial support for carers

Welfare benefits are available to carers and you may also be entitled to a Carer’s Personal Budget to support you in your caring role.

Visit the People First website for information on carer benefits.

Other support for carers

The Carers Network, Kensington and Chelsea Hub

The Carers Network provide information, advice and advocacy services to carers, and can be contacted via the Carers Network, Kensington and Chelsea Hub.

Visit the Carers Network website for further advice and services for carers.

People First website

People First is Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council’s information and resource directory. It has been designed to help you find information on a range of health and social care topics, from getting support at home to money and legal matters.

It has a dedicated section on being a carer, providing information and advice, and a directory of organisations that can support you.

It also provides information on local groups, activities, and services within both Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster communities.

Visit the People First website for more information on helping carers.


Equipment and adaptations may also help the person you care for live more independently and confidently in their own home and support them in accessing their local community.

For example, if they:

  • find it difficult to carry out day-to-day activities, such as having a bath or a shower
  • find it hard getting around at home, such as going up and down the stairs

AskSara provided by the Disabled Living Foundation is a quick and easy-to-use online ‘guided’ service that enables you to find out what equipment may benefit you, and where you can try it, and buy it locally.

Visit the AskSARA website for information on what help is available to assist you.