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Naturally Active Summer Campaign

It is recommended that children be physically active for at least 60 minutes each day. This has been hard during lockdown, but with the easing of the rules, you can now go outdoors with your family and be more physically active while social distancing and having fun.

Our Naturally Active summer campaign encourages families to venture out into nature, keep moving and enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors. We have produced a booklet that features games and activities children and families can do in their own time in and around their local green spaces.

Complete five activities from the booklet and send us pictures of you doing the activity to enter our prize draw. You could win one of five £20 Sainsbury’s vouchers! Email your pictures to:

We’d also love to hear from you - please tweet us @RBKC to share a picture. Use the hashtag #NaturallyActive.

Here are some activities to give you a taste:


Move like an animal – for under fives

Capture their imagination by telling or reading a story featuring different animals. In an open space, prompt children to show how the different animals can move. For example, a dog may move on its hands and feet or a crab in reverse with its tummy facing upwards. Encourage children to explore animals moving or rolling at different speeds or directions, or tag games running away from a predator.


You name it! – for five to 11 year-olds

Walk around your local park or public garden. Point to a tree, plant or flower that you can all see and ask children to say the name if they know it. Whoever says the name first correctly gets a point. Take it in turns to point to a tree, plant or flower and keep counting your points.


Mini dens – for up to 11 year olds

A great alternative to building full-scale stick dens. Look for small twigs and sticks. Find an open space to build the den, experimenting with different shapes and sizes. While creating the den, encourage your child to be as imaginative as possible. Ask questions like – Who is the den for? How will they use it? Encourage your child to add their own figurines, soft toys, or create creatures from natural objects you find, like leaves and stones, to create their own mini-den world and adventures.

You can download the whole booklet here:

Change4Life Summer Outdoor Activities for Families

Find more information on summer activities on the Family Information Services pages.