Residents to be offered a home for life

Kensington and Chelsea Council is set to reintroduce lifetime tenancies giving tenants a home for life as well as the security and peace of mind they have been telling us they want.

The Council has listened to feedback from its tenants and, if approved by Councillors on Tuesday 23 July, it means tenants will be offered lifetime tenancies and can stay in their homes for as long as they wish, providing they do not breach their Council tenancy.

This new policy would also free up time and money which we would be invested in health, housing and employment services which would benefit our residents and help them play a positive role in their communities. We are in the process of arranging annual visits to tenants’ homes to identify how residents would like us to support them further.

Previously we offered tenants flexible tenancies for five years and, two years in exceptional circumstances. We thought that this provided stability to households. However our residents have since told us they wanted longer term reassurance.

If agreed all new tenants will be signed up for a one year introductory tenancy before moving on to lifetime tenancies.

We will also be looking at how we manage under-occupancy in our homes and will be reviewing the incentives we currently offer to ensure this does not become a problem. We are also looking to increase the number of larger sized properties available to residents in temporary or overcrowded homes. 

Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith, Deputy Leader, Grenfell. Housing and Property said: “I have been talking to tenants across the borough and they have been telling me lifetime tenancies would give them the certainty in their own homes that they want. We are committed to putting our residents first and are continually discussing how we can improve the services we provide while giving them more of a say in how we deliver those services. Knowing they have a home for life will come as a relief to our tenants and, with the extra resources we will have as a result, we hope to improve and strengthen local communities further.”