Housing Strategy

The Council has published a new Housing Strategy which sets out our vision and key priorities in Housing over the next three years.

This is a cross-Council strategy for the whole Council to deliver. It covers our plans to deliver new homes, the services we provide to Council tenants, leaseholders and residents who are in housing need, our approach to managing Council homes, and our work in other key areas such as Planning, Environmental Health and Licensing.

The final version of the strategy reflects what we have heard from residents, partners and others since we published a draft for comment in July.

The strategy sets out six key priorities. These have changed since the draft version published in July to reflect what we have heard from residents:

  • supporting Grenfell survivors
  • leading the way on health and safety
  • increasing the supply of genuinely affordable housing
  • delivering resident-centred services
  • improving the quality and environmental sustainability of housing
  • supporting vulnerable residents and tackling and preventing homelessness

Housing Strategy 2019-2022

Housing Strategy Action Plan 2020-2021