Finding a home and your housing options

HomeStart Scheme

What is it?

The HomeStart Scheme helps people to move out of London. As all the social housing outside of London will be allocated to tenants already living in those areas, the scheme helps people to move into private rented accommodation in other parts of the country that they might have a connection with. The scheme could help you to move closer to friends or family who do not live in the area. It allows you to pick the area you want to live in and perhaps move to a larger property, with a garden – something that you would never be offered in Kensington and Chelsea. You could also move out of London to somewhere quieter and less crowded. Living costs in other parts of the country can be less than in London.

Who is eligible?

  •  Council and housing association tenants
  •  Severely overcrowded households (lacking two bedrooms)

How it works

Through the HomeStart Scheme, you may be offered:

  • train tickets to view properties (you must be already known to the Council's Housing Opportunities Team to be eligible for this, you can ask us for more information)
  • a tenancy in the private housing sector for a minimum of 12 months which could carry on if the landlord is happy with you as a tenant and you are happy to stay there
  • rent in advance, and a deposit which is yours to put down on another property if you want to move on
  • help with removals to your new home.

Things to consider

You must be sure that you want to re-locate. If you change your mind you are very unlikely to have the opportunity to move back to social housing in Kensington and Chelsea.

How to find out more

In person:

Customer Service Centre
The Town Hall
Hornton Street
W8 7NX
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm

By phone:

Housing Solutions Team 020 7361 3272

By email:

[email protected]

Last updated: 23 February 2023