Homeowner services


Right to Buy

The Right to Buy means that certain tenants can buy their home at a discount to the full market value. Find out more including the different discount levels depending on whether your home is a house or a flat.

New tenancies and leases

Information on Council Tenancies and Our Tenancy Policy.

Service standards

Our standards of service for leaseholders.

Sub-letting your home

Information for leaseholders on subletting your home.

Administration charges

About administration charges for special services.

Buildings insurance

Details of our Buildings' Insurance policy for our leaseholders.

Home Ownership

A starting point for leaseholders.

Payments for home owners

Ways the Council can help leaseholders organise major works payments.

Buying or selling your home

Information on buying or selling your home

Service charges

Information for leaseholders.

Homeowner Seminars

Take a look at our seminars for information to help homeowners.