Housing advice and support

Information and advice to help you find suitable accommodation, advice on keeping your home and homelessness.

Advice and support

  • Tenancy Relations Service

    The Tenancy Relations Service is provided by the Council for the benefit of private sector landlords, tenants and leaseholders who own properties or live in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

  • Advice agencies

    Information on voluntary organisations and charities which provide independent housing advice, in addition to that provided by the Council.

  • Debt advice

    If you would like advice or information regarding debt, here you will find some agencies that may be able to help you.

  • Housing and employment

    Information on how to access a range of support available through the Council, social landlords, Jobcentre Plus and other organisations.

  • Domestic abuse and the Sanctuary Scheme

    Information about the different types of domestic abuse and how the Sanctuary Scheme can help you stay safe in your own home.

  • Young people

    Here you will find some information on housing issues for young people, whether you choose to live at home or in a place of your own.

  • Housing options for older people

    Information on housing options for older people including sheltered housing and extra care housing.

Keeping your home

  • Grants and adaptations

    If you find it difficult to manage at home, specialist equipment or adaptations to your home may make life easier for you

  • Help to live at home

    Most of us want to stay living independently at home. Help is available for a number of things you may have difficulty with in your home, including practical and personal care.

  • Preventing homelessness

    Information and advice if you think you will become homeless. We will work with you to try to stop this from happening.

  • Housing support services

    Housing support services are for residents who are experiencing difficulties and may be at risk of losing their homes. The support can help you to manage your home and stay independent.


  • Homelessness

    In some cases we may have a legal duty to provide temporary accommodation for people who are homeless and vulnerable. If you are threatened with homelessness, we may be able to prevent it, or at least advise you on your…

  • Temporary accommodation

    We do not have enough properties to house everyone who is in housing need, and therefore we have to put some households into temporary accommodation.

  • Rough sleeping

    Rough sleeping can be harmful for those living on the streets and have a negative impact on their neighbourhoods. What to do if you are concerned about someone sleeping rough.