Making alterations to your home

We want to ensure that you receive correct and timely advice in support of any application for permission to carry out proposed alteration work to your home and allow the works to take place. 

The aim of this webpage is to provide guidance and details on the requirements to apply for permission to carry out alteration work and receive the Councils consent.

As a Leaseholder it is important you are aware that

If you are planning to carry out alterations or improvement work to your home, you  will need to seek formal approval from the Council, prior to any works going ahead.

It is essential that you apply for the appropriate permission for the proposed alterations. If you do not have the required permission and carry out the works, you may be in breach of your lease which could result in legal action and you may be required to remove any unauthorised alteration work.

All initial contact/informal enquiries should be made to the RBKC Housing Management Home Ownership Team, contact details:

Home Ownership Team
Housing Management 
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea 
292a Kensal Road, London, W10 5BE
Telephone - 0207 605 6464
Email - [email protected]

What Type of Work / What Permission is Required?

Minor works

Minor works such as painting and decoration, replacing fixtures and fittings, works of a “like for like” nature - a notification is required to be sent to the Home Ownership Team. 

Minor Works based on a “like for like” basis, for example Kitchen and Bathroom refurbishments – application where formal Landlords Consent is required. Initial contact should be made with the Home Ownership Team. 

Minor Works - small scale works for example changes in the layout, moving/removing walls, creating a bathroom/shower room - a Licence to Alteration is required. Initial contact should be made with the Home Ownership Team. 

Major Works

Larger schemes for example, basement development, loft conversion, roof terrace, extensions, conservatories – where a Licence to Alteration is required.  In addition, a Deed of Variation may apply.  Initial contact should be made with the Home Ownership Team.

The next stages of the process

Following Initial Contact with the Home Ownership Team

Following contact with the Home Ownership Team, your enquiry will be referred to the Housing Management Property Services Leaseholder Alterations Team, who will then liaise directly with you to progress your application. 

The Licence Application

An application usually involves the completion of a standard form and submission of  supporting documents / information and payment of associated fees.  What will be required will be dependent on the nature of the proposed works. Full guidance will be provided by the Leasehold Alterations Team on what is required to support a successful application which will include: 

  • Scaled drawing plans, showing the existing and proposed layout
  • Detailed scope of works, listing all the works room by room 
  • Building Control Approval and/or Planning Consent from the Council
  • Fees required are non-refundable and will be collected by the Council’s Legal Services
    • Standard Processing Fee: £580.00
    • Licence Fee: currently £800.00, which is subject to change/increase 
    • Deed of Variation: currently £900.00, which is subject to change/increase
    • Additional Surveyor’s fee: £700.00 (if applicable)

Following Application Approval - during and at works completion 

Following the approval of an application, additional advice and guidance will be provided on major works. 

The additional information which will be required is:

  • Structural Engineers report
  • Party Wall Agreement (if applicable)
  • Asbestos Removal (if applicable)
  • Contractor’s details and copy of their insurance/liability cover
  • For both Major & Minor Works which require licence, resident consultation will need to be carried out by the applicant covering:
    • the scope of works, how long the works will take.  (NB. licence to carry out works   is issued for 6 months to complete). 
    • how noise nuisance/inconvenience, dust will be minimised/controlled
    • possible need to relocate tenants affected by the works
    • claim and compensation as a result of damages to affected properties 
  • Respond to any concerns raised by affected tenant’s

The approximate time frame to review and approve the application is 4-6 weeks.

Subject to satisfactory outcome of the application, Licence to Alter will be prepared by the Council’s Legal Services.  Standard Licence will be based on 6 months.

The approximate time frame for the Preparation of Licence is 6-8 weeks.

Last updated: 14 January 2022