Houses in multiple occupation HMO

About the licence

How much will it cost?

HMO licence fees depend on the length of the licence, the number of habitable rooms and whether any discounts may apply. For an average sized property in Kensington and Chelsea a five year licence may cost up to £1400.

The following discounts are applied where:

  • the licence holder and/or the manager is a member of a registered body (for licences valid up to four years)
  • the licence holder only, has undergone a fit a proper person check within the last 12 months

How long is the licence valid for?

Licences can be granted for up to five years. The Council may grant licences for shorter periods in certain circumstances. If your licence period is less than five years you will be informed in writing why the Council has limited the period.

If the licence holder wants to apply for a lesser period this should be discussed with the Council as soon as possible.

Are there conditions attached to the licence?

There will be a number of conditions attached to licences, some of which are set out in the Act and some of which will be prescribed by the Council in individual cases. Those conditions that will apply to all licences are:

  • licence holders will be required to produce to the Council annually for our inspection an in date gas safety certificate  (gas safety inspections are required yearly)
  • licence holders will be required to keep electrical appliances and furniture made available by them in a safe condition
  • licence holders will be required to ensure that smoke alarms are installed in the HMO and are kept in proper working order and make declarations to this effect to the Council
  • licence holders will be required to supply to occupiers of the HMO a written statement of terms on which they occupy the house and make declarations to this effect to the Council

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Last updated: 27 October 2021