Report a new repair or enquire about a current or completed repair

Report a new repair

We’re committed to carrying our repairs whilst we realise that many residents understandably remain concerned about the threat of Coronavirus. That is why we are putting several measures in place to keep you and our staff safe.

To report a new repair or find out about a repair you’ve already reported, you don’t need to visit us, you can use the form below to report a repair.

We aim to contact you within five working days with advice on what will happen next.

Report a new repair

Alternatively you can either phone or email us to report a repair.

Social distancing measures and restrictions now allow us to undertake routine repairs for tenants who are not shielding or self-isolating. We will only undertake these repairs with your agreement. 

Our staff and contractors will be clothed in Personal Protective Equipment. We appreciate that having anyone enter your home at this time remains unsettling and distressing so we will take all possible precautions. We will continue to deliver urgent and emergency repairs for everyone. 


Self-isolating or in a high risk group


If you are you are self-isolating or in a high-risk group and you need us to attend to a routine repair, please feel free to call us on 0800 137 111 or email us at

Safety measures in reception areas

We intend to open our reception at 292a Kensal Road on Monday, 15 June for essential appointments only. There will be new safety measures in place when our public receptions open. These include:

  • Fitting protective screens to our reception counters and to our interview rooms.
  • Proving floor walkers to assist with maintaining social distancing guidelines.
  • Limiting access to those with appointments only

Social distancing measures will severely restrict the number of people we are able to see at receptions so access will be by appointment only. Appointments will only be provided in very limited circumstances, such as where there is complex tenancy or rent issues, or an urgent need to collect keys or fobs. We will not be able to deal with rent queries from our public receptions. Visitors without an appointment will not be seen.

If the re-opening of Kensal Road works well, we will re-open the Blantyre Street reception from Monday, 29 June 2020.

If you feel there is an essential reason to see someone please make an appointment by phoning 0800 137 111 or by emailing

Please consider all options before attempting to book a face to face appointment. We must keep our public receptions free for those who are vulnerable or have complex housing needs that need to be discussed in person. 

Emergency repairs

If you need to report an emergency repair, or you need assistance please call us via our Customer Service Centre on 0800 137 111 or 020 3617 7080.

Enquire about a repair in progress or a repair that has been completed

To find out about a current or completed repair to your property please use our online form to contact the Housing Management team.

We aim to contact you within five working days with a response to your query.

Enquire about an existing repair