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Support us by making a one-off donation

Support your library by making a one-off donation. Your donation will help us continue to support our communities, bring people together to celebrate local culture and heritage as part of creative projects, with creative and artistic flare.

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Your support could help us to:

A female member of the libraries and archives team having a conversation with a female library customer.


Help improve social isolation

  • Arts and crafts workshops
  • Reading groups
  • Silver Sunday events for elderly people




A large meeting room with a bank of desks that seat six people.

Innovate our buildings and create more study spaces

  • Improve study spaces
  • Set-up reading nooks for people with special educational needs
  • Support mental health with mindfulness hubs



A young girl playing with Lego

Programme a diverse range of events 

  • Mini festivals like Health Fest
  • Refund successful activities to reach more people
  • To cater for emerging needs



A woman reading a book to a young boy in a library.

Increase literacy and offer more learning opportunities

  • Additional resources like textbooks
  • Creative writing workshops for people who are homeless
  • Homework clubs for young people



A man using the self-service screens in the library

Extend access to digital services

  • Help with volunteer expenses for programmes such as Digital Ambassadors
  • IT workshops
  • Purchase of digital equipment such as tablets



Last updated: 23 February 2023