Borrowing, loans and fines

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Borrowing, loans and fines


Once you join the library you can borrow up to 25 items. This can include a combination of:

  • 15 books for three weeks
  • eight audio items for three weeks
  • two language courses for six weeks
  • three DVDs for one week


Children can borrow up to 16 items once they have a library card. This can include a combination of:

  • 12 books for three weeks
  • four audio items for three weeks
  • two language courses for six weeks
  • three DVDs for one week

How much does it cost?

Borrowing books is free.

There is a charge for:

  • borrowing CD, DVDs and language courses
  • other services such as reproducing pictures from our archive

You may be free from some charges or entitled to concessions. Ask a member of staff or email us to find out

Overdue items

If you registered your email with us, we'll send you a reminder email a couple of days before the due date.

If you don't return your items on time, we'll send you an overdue notice:

  • first overdue notice: 14 days after due date
  • second overdue notice: 36 days after due date

The charge for posting overdue notices is £1 (£0.40 for under 18s).

Log into your account to view your library fines and charges online. Fines and charges can be paid online with a debit or credit card, click the 'Pay Selected' button in the Charges tab in My Account. A receipt will be emailed to you. Fines and charges can also be paid in the library.

Library fines and charges


Library fines and charges

RBKC concessions

  • Customers who are under 12 - Exempt from all charges except for DVDs.
  • Customers between the ages of 12-15 years, 60+ and registered disabled - Free loan of Audio and spoken word format.
  • Customers who are receiving benefits - Concessionary rates for Audio, Spoken word and Language courses formats.
  • Home Library Service users - Exempt from all charges.
  • RBKC staff - Concessionary rates for Audio, Spoken word, language courses and DVDs

Loans are free and all items may be renewed up to eight times (unless reserved)

Overdue charges

Book/Audio fines£0.25
Book/Audio fines 16-17 yrs£0.10
Book/Audio fines under 16No charge
Charge for posting overdue notices£1.00
Charge for posting overdue notices Under 18£0.40
SMS Text notices (note: notices sent by email will remain free of charge)£0.20
Email noticesFree of charge
Maximum overdue fine limit aged 18+£10.00
Maximum overdue fine limit 16-17yrs£2.00

Replacement Membership Cards

Replacement Library Card£3.00
Replacement Library card under 16s£1.00


Standard Reservation£1.00
Reservations - concessions£0.60
Reservations - 16-17 yrs£0.60
Reservations - children under 16Free All of the above for holdings in Triborough Libraries or via Inter-Library Loans.
Reservations - RBKC staffNo charge
BL Loan - books, Inter Library Loan outside UK, or Interlibrary Loan via Academic Institutions£14 (£13 + £1 reservation charge)
BL Loan - periodical article£7.00 + 10p per page
Periodical article£1.00 + 10p per page
Periodical article - concessions50p + 10p per page

Sound recordings

CD single or set£1.00
CD single or sets (concessions U12/12-15/60+/Disabled)Free
CDs single or sets (concessions -people receiving benefits, RBKC staff)£0.40
Reservation for music sound recordingsFree

Language courses

Language course on cassette/CD£2.50
Language course on cassette/CD - English courses only including concessionsFree
Language Course cassette/CD (concessions – people receiving benefits , RBKC staff)£1.10
Language Courses on CD-ROM£2.50
Language Courses on DVD£2.50
Language Courses on DVD (RBKC staff)£2.00
English Language courses on DVDFree
Online language courses£6.00

Audiobooks and DVD

Talking Books (3 weeks)£1.00
Talking books (concessions -people receiving benefits, RBKC staff)£0.50
DVD (hire) New release£2.50
New release (RBKC staff)£2.00
Feature DVDs£2.00
Feature DVDs RBKC staff£2.00
Children's DVDs non feature£1.00
Children's DVD features + Feature films U£1.00
DVD boxed sets£2.50
DVD boxed sets (RBKC staff)£2.50

Printing, photocopying and internet

Photocopies (per side) B/W A4£0.20
Photocopies (per side) B/W A3£0.40
Photocopies (per side) Colour A4£0.80
Printing - A4 Black & White£0.20
Printing - A3 Black & White£0.40
Printing - A3 Colour£1.50
Internet - Library members 1st hourFree
Subsequent hour (minimum charge 25p per charged booking)£1.00

Filming within libraries

Filming - standard library opening hours / per hour£150.00
Filming - out of hours / per hour£200.00

Lost items

Lost Identifiable items inc DVDsFull replacement cost either using item price on LMS or the default price = £10.00
Damaged itemsFull replacement cost either using item price on LMS or the default price = £10.00
Lost unidentifiable ItemsFull replacement cost either using item price on LMS or the default price = £10.00
Items belonging to other institutionsFull cost of recovery (including any penalty or administrative charge levied by the

 Local studies reproduction

Books Colour£52.00
Books non profit B&W£8.00
Books non profit Colour£16.00
Book jackets B&W£80.00
Book jackets colour£160.00
Newspapers B&W£32.00
Newspapers colour£65.00
Postcards trade B&W£65.00
Postcards trade colour£135.00
Postcards charity B&W£33.00
Postcards charity colour£65.00
Posters and calendars B&W£130.00
Posters and calendars colour£260.00
Advertising B&W£86.00
Advertising Colour£170.00
TV/Film B&W£66.00
TV/Film colour£130.00
Specific enquiries including short enquiries£5.00
Census enquiries£4.50
Longer searches min 1 hour inc VAT per hour£21.00

Room and equipment hire

Main library

Lecture theatre (10% discount for Community Groups, Charities)£70.00
Lecture theatre Saturday rate£80.00
Meeting room in conjunction with lecture theatre£30.00
Meeting room in conjunction with lecture theatre - Saturday rate£40.00
Meeting room separately£35.00
Meeting room separately - Saturday rate£45.00
Kitchen and crockery£22.00
Piano + tuning£100.00
Screen only£10.00
Lighting theatre£45.00
Flip chart£12.00

Chelsea library

1 week Standard rate (10% discount for Community groups, charities)£240.00
2 weeks Standard Rate (10% discount for Community groups, charities)£360.00
Private view (10% discount for Community groups, charities)£170.00
Corridor boards per booking (additional space) (10% discount for Community groups, charities)£110.00
Corridor boards per booking (2 weeks) (10% discount for Community groups, charities)£160.00
Walker room£290.00

Brompton Library and Chelsea Learning Centre

Daytime Standard Rate (per hour) (10% discount for Community groups, charities)£25.00
Saturday rate£30.00
Evenings Standard Rate£18.00
DVD, Video and TV£68.00
Flip Chart£11.00