Disabled parking

Two schemes cover residents inside the borough (Purple Badge Scheme) and outside central London (Blue Badge Scheme).

A resident would normally apply for both badges and use the purple badge when in the Royal Borough and the blue one when outside the Borough.

The national Blue Badge Scheme

Due to traffic congestion and the high demand for parking space the Blue Badge scheme does not apply in central London - this includes Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, City of London and parts of Camden.

This means that your Blue Badge does not allow you to park in residents’ parking bays, pay and display bays or on yellow lines in Kensington and Chelsea.

You must pay to park in pay and display bays but as long as you have made a payment (up to the maximum time allowed) you can have one hour's free parking after the time you have paid for has run out.

As long as there is no loading restriction or suspension you may stop for 20 minutes on yellow lines to drop off or pick up a disabled person, or to collect goods.

You can use your Blue Badge to park in the Blue Badge bays throughout the borough. Find a bay on this map


The Kensington and Chelsea Purple Badge Scheme

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has its own Purple Badge scheme to help residents and workers with disabilities park in the Borough. See Purple Badge scheme.

To apply for a disabled parking badge, or for further information, please contact the Accessible Transport team.