Purple Badge Scheme

The Purple Badge Scheme is the disabled badge scheme for residents of the Royal Borough.

The Purple Badge Scheme for Disabled People in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea [PDF] (file size 433Kb)

To apply for a disabled parking badge, please contact the Accessible Transport Team.

Using your Purple Badge

  • your badge must have your photo on it (this does not apply to badges held by organisations)
  • you must display the Purple Badge on your vehicle's windscreen or dashboard, facing the front (so that the expiry date, vehicle's registration number and serial number, are all visible from outside the vehicle)
  • Purple Badges issued to residents of the Royal Borough are normally valid for three years (Purple Badges issued to non-residents are normally valid for one year)
  • if your 'nominated' driver lives in the Royal Borough he or she must have a residents' parking permit to park on the street 
  • you must ensure the Purple Badge is renewed before it expires
  • you should send us your badge when you don't need it any more, or it has run out or can't be read, or if the vehicle registration is no longer valid
  • you must make sure your badge is not used when you are not travelling in the vehicle, and remove it from the vehicle when you are not using it
  • you must return your badge within 48 hours if we ask you to do so