Parking permit prices and refunds

From 1 April 2021, parking permit prices are changing. You can preview the changes with our calculator tool. Please visit our parking permit calculator page for more information.

Parking permit prices

The price of your parking permit will depend on its registration date and how much carbon dioxide (CO2) your vehicle produces.

We’ve linked parking permit costs to CO2 emissions because we want to encourage everyone in the borough to drive more environmentally friendly cars. By reducing pollution levels we can all benefit from better local air quality.

Car registration dates fall into three categories:

  • after March 2001:find your vehicle’s official CO2 figures on your registration documents
  • before March 2001: CO2 figures weren’t recorded before this date so we’ll base your permit price on your vehicle’s engine size instead. Find this on your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)
  • after 1 September 2015: your vehicle meets the Euro 6 standard, which limits emissions from cars

If you need any guidance call us on 020 7361 4381.

Parking permit prices from 1 April 2021

Parking permit prices for motorcycles from 1 April 2021

 3 months6 months12 months
Fully electric motorcycle£21£21£21
Combined Motorcycle Permit (to park in motorcycle and resident permit bays)£27£33£45
Permit for parking in resident permit motorcycle bays only£0£0£0

Parking permit prices for cars and vans from 1 April 2021

 3 months6 months12 months
Base cost of a permit (this would be payable regardless of the type of permit or vehicle and is charged to cover the cost to the Council for issuing a permit which is the same regardless of the length of the permit)£21£21£21
Band 1 - Fully electric car or other zero emissions vehicle will be the same price as the base permit price£0£0£0
Band 2 - Price per CO2 g/km (this will be added to the cost of the base permit price)*£0.24 per CO2 g/km£0.48 per CO2 g/km£0.96 per CO2 g/km
Unknown emissions for a car or van (Engine size not over 1549cc) - this will be added to the cost of the base permit price£29.75£59.50£119
Unknown emissions for a car or van (Engine size over 1549cc) - this will be added to the cost of the base permit price£41.25£82.50£165


 3 Months6 Months12 Months
Diesel Surcharge (pre-Euro 6) including electric diesel/ diesel hybrid registered before 1 September 2015£15£30£60
Second and subsequent (car or van) surcharge£19.75£39.50£79

Parking permit refunds

You must email us at: if you don’t need a parking permit anymore or if you are no longer eligible for one.

If you keep a permit that you no longer qualify for, we may prosecute you.

We will send you a refund for any unused time left on the permit from the date your refund request is received. You should receive it within 28 days. We charge a £26 admin fee to cover our costs.

Residents' parking permit refund form.pdf