Proof of residence

Information on the proofs of residence that are accepted in order to apply for a resident's parking permit.

To prove you live in the Royal Borough you must provide two items which must be originals from the following list:

  • Council Tax Registration (we can check this, you do not have to send a document)
  • Valid driving licence
  • Current council or housing trust rent statement
  • Valid Home Contents Insurance policy
  • Benefits or pension statement for current financial year
  • Firearms certificate
  • Tenancy agreement (not handwritten and valid for the full life of the permit) or letter from the Housing Allocation Service
  • Current bank, credit card or building society statement (showing address and dated within the past three months)

Accredited diplomats may use a letter from their embassy as one of their proofs of residency. Live-in staff may use a contract of employment as one of their proofs of residency.

All documents must clearly show your name and your address in the Royal Borough.

New Residents

If you are moving into the borough and do not have the required documents we will issue a three month permit if you provide either a solicitor’s letter of completion (dated within the last three months) or a Tenancy agreement (valid for at least six months).

If you haven’t already changed your vehicle registration (V5C) to your new Royal Borough address, fill in the change of address section and give it to us. We will send it to the DVLA for you and consider it sufficient proof of vehicle ownership so we can issue you with a permit.

To help you park on the day of your move, you may apply for a permit up to a week in advance of your move. Then you can pick it up in person from the Customer Service Department, or have it posted to your new address in the borough, the day before you are due to move in.