Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL)

NCIL Bidding Round 2022

The Annual NCIL Bidding Round 2022 is open between 24 May to 5 July inviting projects to be put forward for NCIL funding. Please submit your project funding application forms by the closing time of 11:59pm on 5 July 2022.

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What is NCIL?

A portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy is to be spent on local priorities; this is called Neighbourhood CIL (NCIL). There is currently about £2.3 million of Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) funds. This is a fund the Council collects from developments and is required to be spent in consultation with local communities. Residents’ views were sought on community priorities to guide the allocation of NCIL funds between February and March 2020. The consultation responses have established community priorities to guide the allocation of NCIL funds. These were adopted by the Council as part of the NCIL Community Priorities document in June 2020.

NCIL community priorities

The consultation established the following priorities for the next two years:

  • Air Quality
  • Policing resources and Emergency Services
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Streetscape
  • Community Safety

NCIL Funding Allocations

The second Call for NCIL Projects took place between 25 February to 8 April 2021 inviting projects to be put forward for NCIL funding. Ward councillors considered all applications and the NCIL Allocation Decisions, which can be found at Appendix 1 of the NCIL Executive Decision Report, were confirmed by Executive Decision on 2 August 2021.

A list of approved funding allocations can be seen below:

NCIL Round 2 Funding Allocations (August 2021)
Ref Project Amount
AB4 Acoustic Camera Corner of Earl's Court Rd and Pembroke Rd £25,248
AB5 Growing Space at St. Sarkis £12,500
AB6 Road Safety and Environtal Improvements in Lexham Mews £27,500
AB9 (MW29) KBF Christmas Lights 2021 £17,644
BHT10 Acoustic Camera Brompton Road £25,248
BHT11 Improving the Wiltshire Close Community Hut £25,500
BHT12 Acoustic Camera Sloane Street £25,248
BHT13 Egerton Gardens Speed Humps £16,170
CD5 Cycle hangar on Aubrey Road £3,400
CD7 (MW29) KBF Christmas Lights 2021 £6,203
CR10 Collecting Culture: The Dance Heritage of Worlds End, - an intangible cultural acquisition £9,000
CR11 Worlds End Place Tree Lights £10,000
CR13 Regeneration and Maintenance of Cremorne Gardens £12,500
CR9 Cycle hangar near Beaufort Street £3,400
EC12 Three cycle hangars on Earl's Court Square £3,400
EC13 Finborough Theatre Street Signage £100
HO10 Cycle Hangar (Holland Park, Sun Trap Entrance or nearby) £3,400
HO11 Poliinator Paradise and Community Shelter - Kensington Olympia Station £11,543
HO14 (MW29) KBF Christmas Lights 2021 £9,244
HO9 St John's CCTV Camera £8,900
NRD3 Cycle hangar on Blenheim Crescent £3,400
NRD4 Street Trees planting on Elgin Crescent £12,500
NRD5 Blenheim Crescent Traffic Calming Project £12,000
ND10 (MW26) Bio diversity/Bug Hunt Workshops with the Natural History Museum's Urban Nature Project £1,468
PB3 Chepstow Crescent Entry Treatment Plan £28,000
RH1 Acoustic Cameras at Lower Sloane Street and Royal Hospital Road £25,248
SH3 (MW25) Cycle Hangar at Ladbroke Grove and St Charles Square £3,400
SH5 (MW26) Bio diversity/Bug Hunt Workshops with the Natural History Museum's Urban Nature Project £3,000
ST2 (MW4) Partial reconsideration of the "Chelsea Street Management" bid submitted in the 1st round of NCIL bidding: Acoustic Camera £26,260


NCIL Round 1 Funding Allocations (January 2021)
Ref Project Amount
AB1 Greening and Road Safety in Abingdon ward £60,000
AB2 Cycle Hangars £3,400
BHT1 Acoustic Camera (Sloane Street/Pont Street) £18,000
BHT3 CCTV Camera (Cadagon Square, Clabon Mew or Pavillion Road) £17,525
BHT7 Ovington Community Safety and Environmental Health Project £9,500
BHT9 Acoustic Camera As part of BHT1
CD3 Cycle Hangar (Edge Street or nearby) £3,400
CR1 Cycle Hangar (Tettcot Road) £3,400
CR5 Bringing adventure play to Flashpoint £20,000
CR6 Another Way Chelsea Youth Club £30,832
CR2 Ropers Gardens Walking Maps and Benches £8,000
CR3 Regeneration of and Investment in Cremorne Gardens £16,000
CV1 The Gardens Project £15,000
DG4 Estate security gates £6,000
EC10 Planters £3,699
EC11 Replacement Planters at Earl's Court Health and Wellbeing Centre £3,436
EC2 Cycle Hangar (Nevern Square) £3,400
EC3 Cycle Hangar (Bramham Garden) £3,400
EC4 Hogarth Road Speed Control £4,000
EC5 Public Realm Safety/Environment in the SE arm of Earl's Court Square - Planters £6,330
EC6 Eardley Crescent Pavement Cleaning £4,773
EC7 Connect-2-Empower £4,819
EC8 A cleaner Earl's Court £4,846
EC9 Lamp column and window branding for a welcoming Earls Court £10,255
HO1 Community Safety Warden (Holland ward) £59,500
HO2 CCTV Camera (Holland ward) £12,525
HO3 Information Board for Holland House £2,970
HO5 St John the Baptist Church Planters £10,000
HO6 Traffic Calming Measures Holland Park £30,000
HO8 Oakwood Court Speed Bumps £12,000
MW3 Kensington Business Forum Christmas Lights (Kensington High Street) £34,422
MW8 Notting Hill Caribbean Cultural Heritage £8,000
MW10 High Street Kensington Community Gardener (aka Green Champion) £14,750
MW17 Kensington and Chelsea Nature Walks £2,400
NNHP1 Clarendon Cross Streetscape, planting and waste management improvements - waste bins and planters £15,000
NNHP2 Acoustic Cameras (Holland Park Avenue / Norland Square) £18,000
ND9 (MW5) From surviving towards thriving in a Covid-19 world £12,080
ND2 Camelford Walk City Garden £10,000
ND3 Grenfell Walk Flower Garden Project £18,409
ND6 DIY Nottingwood £4,528
PB1 Cycle Hangar (Pembridge Crescent) £3,400
PB2 CCTV Camera (Victoria Gardens) £17,525
QG3 CCTV Camera (Palace Place Mansions / Kensington Court) £17,525
QG5 CCTV Camera (Cornwall Gardens) £17,525
QG8 Traffic measures (Victoria Grove / Thackery Street) £17,525
SH1 Traffic Calming Latimer Road £7,000
SH2 Wellbeing Windows: Alan Morkill House (care home) £4,900
ST2 (MW4) Chelsea Street Management: Stanley ward (community warden and CCTV) £155,050
STQWNP1 CCTV Camera (North Pole Road) £20,000
STQWNP2 Air quality improvement in the StQW Neighbourhood £10,000

How much money is available?

There is currently £4.9 million of NCIL funds (April 2022), collected by ward/neighbourhood plan area. The amount of funds available within each ward or neighbourhood plan area will vary depending on the amounts of CIL collected in that area. The current amounts available are provided in the table below: 

Ward Total NCIL available (April 2022)
Abingdon £441,725
Brompton and Hans Town £1,857,057
Campden £101,984
Chelsea Riverside £88,323
Colville £101,258
Courtfield £102,498
Dalgarno (Outside of StQ&W Neighbourhood Plan area boundary) £79,444
Earl's Court £49,647
Golborne £103,166
Holland £544,056
Norland (Outside of Norland Neighbourhood Plan area boundary) £55,663
Notting Dale (Outside of Norland Neighbourhood Plan area boundary) £43,223
Pembridge £229,379
Queen's Gate £70,143
Redcliffe £114,630
Royal Hospital £143,562
St Helen's (Outside of StQ&W Neighbourhood Plan area boundary) £59,760
Stanley £660,692
Neighbourhood Plan Areas
St Quintin and Woodland Neighbourhood Plan area £16,155
Norland Neighbourhood Plan Area £24,462

How do communities apply for NCIL funding?

Residents, local community groups, residents’ associations, registered charities, infrastructure providers and charitable companies may apply for NCIL funding. 

The application form and accompanying guidance note is available on the Planning Policy Consultation page

The Annual NCIL Bidding Round 2022 is open between 24 May to 5 July inviting projects to be put forward for NCIL funding. Please submit your project funding application forms by the closing time of 11:59pm on 5 July 2022. 

All projects will be reviewed and then considered for funding by Ward Members. 

The bidding round will be open once a year from 2022.

The NCIL community Priorities document provides more detail on what NCIL can be used for and how to access the fund.


Last updated: 14 June 2022