Consolidated Local Plan 2015

Consolidated Local Plan (2015)

The Consolidated Local Plan (July 2015) combines alterations since the Core Strategy adoption (December 2010) incorporating the Pubs & Local Character Review (October 2013), the Miscellaneous Matters Review (December 2014), the Conservation & Design Review (December 2014) and the Basements Review (January 2015).

With the adoption of the LPPR, the Council's Local Plan includes two elements: the LPPR and those remaining parts of the Consolidated Local Plan which were not part of the LPPR. The Council is in the process of drafting a single document which includes all the elements of the Local Plan. This should be completed by the end of September. However, until this is published, the two documents must be read together.

The elements of the Consolidated Local Plan which remain part of our Local Plan are set out below:

Section 2B Policies and Actions

  • Chapter 30 Keeping Local Life
  • Chapter 31 Fostering Vitality: Policy CF9 (Temporary Sleeping Accommodation) and Policy CF10 (Diplomatic and Allied Uses).
  • Chapter 32 Better Travel Choices: Policy CT1 (Improving Alternatives to Car Use)
  • Chapter 33 An Engaging Public Realm: Policy CR1 (Street Network), Policy CR2 (Three-Dimensional Street Form), Policy CR3 (Street and Outdoor Life), Policy CR6 (Trees and Landscaping) and Policy CF7 (Servicing)
  • Chapter 34 Renewing the Legacy: Policy CL1 (Context and Character), Policy CL2 (Design Character), Policy CL3 (Heritage Assets - Conservation area and Historic Spaces), Policy CL5 (Living Conditions), Policy CL6 ( Small-scale Alterations andf Additions), Policy CL7 (Basements), Policy CL8 (Existing Buildings - Roof Alterations/Additional Storeys) Policy CL9 (Existing Buildings - Extensions and Modifications), Policy CL10 (Shopfronts), Policy CL11 (Views) and Policy CL12 (Views). 
  • Chapter 36 Respecting Environmental Limits: Policy CE4 (Biodiversity), Policy CE6 (Noise and Vibrations) and Policy CE7 (Contaminated Land).

The entire Consolidated Local Plan, including those parts which no longer form part of the Local Plan can be viewed below.