Local Plan Partial Review

The Council is undertaking a Local Plan Partial Review (LPPR) of the existing Local Plan in accordance with the timetable set out in the Council's Local Development Scheme (LDS). The LPPR is currently at examination.

Following examination hearings, the Planning Inspector has sent an 'Interim Findings' letter to the Council. The Inspector's comments in ‘Interim’ findings letter are ‘interim’ and without prejudice to his final conclusions which will be set out in his final report once he has considered all the representations on the Main Modifications. Therefore, until the Inspector’s report is received the emerging policies should be given moderate weight. The starting point for determining planning applications remains the adopted policies in the Consolidated Local Plan 2015. The emerging policies remain subservient to these policies at this stage. The Council will make determinations on planning applications in accordance with Section 38(6) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, paragraph 48 of the National Planning Policy Framework, paragraph 019 of the National Planning Practice Guidance on Local Plans and other relevant legislation, policy and guidance.

Existing Local Plan

The existing Local Plan sets out the vision, objectives and detailed spatial strategy for future development in the Royal Borough up to 2028 along with specific strategic policies and targets, development management policies and site allocations.

The Consolidated Local Plan (July 2015) combines alterations since the Core Strategy adoption (December 2010) incorporating the Pubs & Local Character Review (October 2013), the Miscellaneous Matters Review (December 2014), the Conservation & Design Review (December 2014) and the Basements Review (January 2015).

Consolidated Local Plan - Complete Document (Warning: Large file size)

Local Plan Introduction contains:

  • Foreword
  • How the Local Plan should be read
  • Contents
  • Executive Summary
Consolidated Local Plan - Introduction [PDF] (file size 699.31 KB)

Local Plan Section 1 - Spatial Strategy contains:

  • Chapter 1 Setting the Scene - Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Issues and Patterns - Spatial Portrait
  • Chapter 3 Building on Success - Vision, Strategic Objectives and Spatial Strategy
  • Chapter 4 Delivering Success - Our Spatial Strategy
  • Chapters 5 to 18 'Places' chapters

Local Plan Section 2 - Delivery Strategy contains:

Section 2A Allocations and Designations:

  • Chapters 19 to 28 Strategic Sites Allocations and Proposals Map

Section 2B Policies and Actions

  • Chapter 29 Policies and Actions
  • Chapter 30 Keeping Local Life
  • Chapter 31 Fostering Vitality
  • Chapter 32 Better Travel Choices
  • Chapter 33 An Engaging Public Realm
  • Chapter 34 Renewing the Legacy
  • Chapter 35 Diversity of Housing
  • Chapter 36 Respecting Environmental Limits

Section 2C Infrastructure

  • Chapter 37 Infrastructure

Secion 2D Monitoring, Risks and Contingencies

  • Chapter 38 Monitoring
  • Chapter 39 Contingencies and Risks

Local Plan Section 3 Supporting Information contains:

  • Chapter 40 Housing Trajectory and Supporting Information
  • Chapter 41 Policy Replacement Schedule
  • Chapter 42 Town Centre maps
  • Chapter 43 Relationship to Community Strategy
  • Chapter 45 Glossary

To order a hard copy of the Consolidated Local Plan complete document for the price of £45, please email planningpolicy@rbkc.gov.uk specifying your name and postal address.

Other parts of the Development Plan

Core Strategy Proposals Map [PDF] (file size 4.38 MB)

The Proposals Map is as adopted in 2010 and does not reflect the more recent adoption of the Lots Road Conservation Area.

Unitary Development Plan Extant Policies [PDF] (file size 178.28 KB)