Community Infrastructure Levy (Archive)

This webpage provides archived documents relevant to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). For the latest information on CIL, please see the main CIL webpage

Revised Draft Regulation 123 List Consultation (March 2015)

The Council consulted on a Revised Draft R123 List from Wednesday 11 February to Wednesday 11 March 2015:

The Council’s response to the consultation comments is provided as part of a Key Decision report which approved the publication of the R123 List.

Charging Schedule Approval (January 2015)

The Borough CIL Charging Schedule was approved by Full Council on 21 January 2015 to come into effect on 6 April 2015. The report to Full Council (in particular paragraph 4.4) sets out how the Charging Schedule as approved remedies the non-compliance specified under section 212A(4)(a) of the Planning Act 2008 (as amended) for the purposes of Section 213(3B) of the same Act and Regulation 25 of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended).

Charging Schedule Examination (March to December 2014)

The Borough CIL Draft Charging Schedule (DCS) was submitted for examination to the Planning Inspectorate on 31 March 2014, following which, public examination hearings were held on 9 June and 14 October 2014.

The examiner’s report (including recommendations and reasons) was received by the Council on Monday 22 December 2014. The report concluded that, subject to two modifications, the DCS satisfied the drafting requirements and is in general accordance with national guidance

The independent examiner appointed to conduct the examination was Philip Staddon BSc, Dip, MBA, MRTPI.

All of the examination documents are set out below.

Document Number

Document Title


Examiner’s Report – 22 December 2014


Joint Statement by RBKC and Ballymore - 31 October 2014


Correspondence from Ballymore - 8 October 2014


GLA Response to Examiner's Main Issues and Questions - 7 October 2014


London First Response to Examiner's Main Issues and Questions - 7 October 2014


Gerald Eve Response to Examiner's Main Issues and Questions - 7 October 2014


Response to Examiner's Main Issues and Questions - 22 September 2014


Notice of Additional Hearing - 18 August 2014

ED- 9

Examiner's Note and Identification of Main Issues and Questions - 11 August 2014

[PDF] (file size 234Kb)

ED- 8

Response from RBKC to Examiner - 1 August 2014

[PDF] (file size 23.21Kb)

ED- 7

Letter from Examiner to RBKC - 29 July 2014

[PDF] (file size 122.77Kb)

ED- 6

Response from RBKC to Examiner - 21 July 2014

[PDF] (file size 113.21Kb)

ED- 5

Letter from Examiner to RBKC - 7 July 2014

[PDF] (file size 77.81Kb)

ED- 4

Response from RBKC to Examiner - 2 July 2014

[PDF] (file size 223.73Kb)

ED- 3

Letter from Examiner to RBKC - 27 June 2014

[PDF] (file size 111.08 Kb)


Response to Examiner -RBKC/2 - 15 June 2014

[PDF] (file size 240Kb)


Response to Examiner - RBKC/1 - 16 June 2014

[PDF] (file size 90Kb)


Letter from RBKC re Build Cost Information - 29 May 2014

[PDF] (file size 97Kb)

ED- 2

Hearing Agenda - 14 May 2014

[PDF] (file size 91Kb)

ED -1

Examiner's Note - 14 May 2014

[PDF] (file size 95Kb)


Notice of Examination Letter - 29 April 2014

[PDF] (file size 88Kb)

Draft Charging Schedule March 2014
[PDF] (file size 1.47Mb)

Consultation Statement
[PDF] (file size 721.02Kb)

Consultation Statement Appendix 3
[PDF] (file size 2.43Mb) Please note this file size has been reduced. If you require a high quality copy of this document please contact us using the details at the bottom of this webpage

Submission Commentary
[PDF] (file size 977.84Kb)

Viability Report January 2014
[PDF] (file size 481.83Kb)

Viability Report October 2012
[PDF] (file size 1.77Mb)

Infrastructure Delivery Plan March 2014
[PDF] (file size 1.56Mb)

The Core Strategy

Equality Impact Assessment DCS
[PDF] (file size 207.33Kb)

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