Removal of permitted development rights

Removing permitted development rights

Sometimes the Council removes permitted development rights when we want to control development in a certain area. We do this by:

  • imposing an article 4 direction on the property
  • removing the permitted development rights through a planning condition

Find out about your property

A quick way to establish permitted development rights and conditions is by searching the history of approvals on your property on our planning search page.

You can also request copies of our planning decisions from [email protected].

Planning decisions are charged at £17 per decision.

When permitted develpment rights are removed

If we remove permitted development rights, you need to submit a planning application for work that would not normally need it. There are no planning fees in these cases.

If you are unsure if your proposal falls within the boundary of permitted development:

  • submit a Certificate of Lawful Proposed Development for a definite view before you start development
  • telephone PlanningLine on 020 7361 3012 for advice

Listed buildings

Permitted development rights can also be limited for listed buildings. Irrespective of whether you require planning permission, if your building is listed, you will require listed building consent for any alterations that affect the fabric of the building.

Find out if your building is listed.

Planning permission is not required for internal alterations to buildings such as knocking down a wall between a kitchen and a lounge. However, if the building is listed, you will require listed building consent.

Last updated: 3 February 2023