Prince Philip - Duke of Edinburgh

1921 - 2021

It is with deep sadness that the Council and residents have learned of the death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

The death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Public Houses and Local Character Review Examination

This page is for reference only. Please visit the main policy webpage for the most up-to-date information.

Public examination of the draft policy for the protection of public houses and other uses which provide a wider social role, and a policy regarding character and use was held on Wednesday 1 May in the Small Hall at Kensington Town Hall.

The Council received the Inspector's report which confirms that the two planning policies put forward by the Council have been found sound subject to some amendments suggested by the Council. These are for the protection of public houses and other uses which make life local, and for the use of a property to be assessed as to whether it contributes to the character of a conservation area. The Inspector's covering letter and report are below:

Inspector's covering letter [PDF] (file size 119Kb)

Inspector's report [PDF] (file size 350Kb)

Hearing Documents

Documents relating to hearings include general hearing documents and Council documents. A list can be downloaded below.

Hearing documents list

General Hearing Documents

The Schedule of Matters and Issues for examination including the timetable for the hearing session and the accompanying guidance note:

ID-1 Letter to the Council from Inspector

ID-2 RBKC matters and issues guidance note

ID-3 RBKC matters and issues

Council Documents

RBKC-PR-001 Response to Inspector's letter

RBKC-PR-001-APP1 ID-1A 2013-02-11 modifications table Appendix One

RBKC-PR-001-APP2 Track Changes version for examination - Appendix Two

RBKC-PR-001-APP3 Loss of A4 uses 1980 - 2012 Appendix Three

RBKC-PR-001-APP4 spotlight-on-london-housing-supply Appendix Four

RBKC-PR-001-APP5 Out of centre survey 2007 Appendix Five

RBKC-PR-001-APP6 Extract from Frostmeadowcroft report Appendix Six

RBKC-PR-001-APP7 Evening Standard Article Phene Arms Appendix Seven

RBKC-PR-001-APP8 Response from English Nature 15 February 2013 Appendix Eight

RBKC-PR-001-APP9 Miscellaneous Matters Draft Policy Consultation document Appendix Nine

RBKC/PR/002 Response by the Council to the Schedule of Matters and Issues

RBKC/PR/002/AAP1 Policies Screening Assessment Appendix One

RBKC/PR/002/APP2 Community Strategy 2008-2018 Appendix Two

RBKC-PR-003 Suggested amendments 1 5 13

RBKC-PR-004 SMFD_UN606213050316320


RBKC-PR-004-APP2 Monitoring Critera A2 - A4

RBKC-PR-005 Gmail - FW Pubs EiP

RBKC-PR-005A Counsel Opinion Re Cadogan

RBKC-PR-006 Gmail - Fwd FW RBKC Public examination for pubs and other local uses

Representation Documents

The representations to the pre-submission consultation regarding soundness can be found at Submission Document 18 along with the Council's response to the representations.

Representor Responses to Inspector's Matters and Issues

Kensington Society

REP/033/001 Response to Partial Review

REP/033/002 Report (Map) showing Pubs opened and Lost since 1980

REP/033/003 Article from the Financial Times September 1st 2012 'Pubs for People'

REP/033/004 Article from the Financial Times September 4th 2012 'Return of Real Ale

REP/033/005 Pubs in Kensington and Chelsea 2012

Chelsea Society

REP/036/001 Response to Partial Review

Barclays Bank

REP/043/001 Letter dated 3d April 2013 - Response to Partial Review of Core Strategy