Basement Policy Review Past Consultations

The following consultations have been undertaken in relation to the basement policy review.

Basements Publication Planning Policy (9 July to 3 Sep 2013)

The following documents relate to this closed consultation.

Consultation responses to the Basements Publication Planning Policy

Guide to making representations [PDF]

Basements Publication Policy [PDF] (file size 976Kb) 

Publication Consultation Response Form [Word] (file size 27Kb)
also available in pdf version [PDF] (file size 128Kb)    

Statement of Representation Procedures [PDF] (file size 132Kb)  

Sustainability Appraisal (SA/SEA) [PDF] (file size 1Mb)  

Core Strategy Screening Assessment [PDF] (file size 320Kb)   

Consultation Responses on Second Draft Basements Policy [PDF] (file size 1.95Mb)  

Statement of Consultation [PDF] (file size 965Kb) 

Summary of Consultation [PDF] (file size 986Kb)  

Policy Formulation Report [PDF] (file size 991Kb)  

Equalities Impact Assessment [PDF] (file size 237Kb)  

Alan Baxter Associates Basements Report (Mar 2013) [PDF] (warning large file 5MB) 

Basement Development Data [PDF] (file size 3.3MB)

Basements Visual Evidence [PDF] (warning large file 10Mb)

Life Cycle Carbon Analysis of Extensions and Subterranean Development in RBKC, Eight Associates [PDF] (file size 2.8Mb)

Evidence Base for Basements and Policy CE1: Climate Change, Eight Associates [PDF] (file size 624Kb)  

Second Draft Consultation (21 Mar - 2 May 2013)

You can view the responses received on this consultation on the Consultation Portal.

Basements Second Draft Policy [PDF] (file size 1MB) 

Consultation Response Form [PDF] (file size 322Kb)

Editable Consultation Response Form [Word] (file size 25Kb)You will need Microsoft Word to open this document.

Sustainability Appraisal (SEA/SA) [PDF] (file size 1MB)

In addition the responses received on the previous consultation on the draft basements policy can be downloaded.

Consultation Responses to Draft Basements Policy [PDF] (file size 1MB)

You can also download a copy of the amended report on basements by Alan Baxter’s Associates. Section 10 of the document has been amended slightly to clarify issues relating to the Party Wall Act and other typographical errors have been corrected throughout the document. 

Alan Baxter Associates Basements Report (Mar 2013) [PDF] (warning large file 5MB) 

Second Draft Policy Question and Answer Session

The Council organised a Q & A session on the second draft of basements policy on 8th April 2013 at Kensington Town Hall. You can download the notes of this session below.

Basements Second Draft Policy Q & A Session

Basements Working Group

A Basements Working Group has been established. This comprises members, residents, developers and specialists. Four meetings were held in February, to discuss how the policy might be modified in the light of the broad themes from the consultation. The notes of the meetings and terms of reference are available on the basements working group webpage.

Basements Draft Policy Consultation (Dec - Jan 2013)

Basements Review Draft Paper

Sustainability Appraisal (SEA/SA) Draft Policy  

Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA)

In addition you can download a copy of the basements study prepared by Alan Baxter’s Associates to help inform the review.

Alan Baxter Associates Basement Report (Dec 2012)

Draft Policy Consultation Events

The Council organised two public consultation events on the draft basements policy. The first of these was on the evening of 9 January 2013 and the second on the evening of 21 January 2013. These events were both well attended by over 50 people. A summary of comments made at these events can be found below.

Summary of comments for event 1 

Summary of comments for event 2

Basements issues (previous consultation - April 2012)

Basement Development Issues Paper

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Workshop summary

Summary of issues consultation


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