Cranbrook Basements Response Publication Feb 2014

Cranbrook Basements - Response to Basements Publication Planning Policy, Feb 2014

 08 Response Form Feb 14
 Letter sent with disc 010414
74Timothy Comyn – Law/Policy Submission on behalf of Cranbrook Basements (on July 2013)
75Cranbrook Basements – Executive Summary – Comments on Basement Publication Planning Policy
76Feb 14 - Response and Analysis - RBKC Proposed Basement Planning Policy
78Bell Cornwell – Planning Comments on RBKC Policy July 2013
 Executive Summaries
79Waterman Energy
80MES Energy
81BBS Energy
82Environmental Protection Group - Report on Hydrology and SuDS
83Waterman Transport
84MMP Structural Design
85Barrell Tree Consultancy
86Gilchrist Horticulture
87Taylor Williams Daley Chartered Surveyors
8824 Acoustics
89ADC Acoustics
90Adonis Ecology - Biodiversity
91AMEC Environmental & Infrastructure UK Ltd - Biodiversity
92Forbes Laird - Arboriculture
93Jeff George - Heritage
94Watermans Energy Environmental & Design Ltd - Carbon
95Waterman Transport - Traffic and Highways Report
Document 1RBKC Response to Freedom of Information Request (1)
Document 2RBKC - Non Material Planning Issues - Issues Not Affecting Grant of Planning Consent
Document 3Arup Geotechnics - RBKC Town Planning Policy on Subterranean Development
Document 4RBKC Basement Publication Planning Policy July 2013
Document 5Judicial Review Judgement - Mr Justice Underhill - Szpiro Vs RBKC - 3rd May 2012
Document 6Waterman Transport - RBKC Basement Policy Review
Document 7Waterman Energy Environment and Design - Report on RBKC Planning Policy
Document 8BRE - Controlling Particles, Vapour and Noise Pollution from Construction Sites
Document 9MES Energy - Carbon Emissions Report - RBKC Basement Planning Policy
Document 10BBS Energy Consultants - Report on Carbon Calculations - RBKC Basement Policy
Document 11Barrell Tree Consultancy - Arboricultural Report
Document 12BRE - Control of Dust from Construction & Demolition Activities
Document 13RBKC -Trees and Development SPD - Adopted April 2010
Document 14Best Practice Guide - GLA - The Control of Dust and Emissions from Construction and Demolition
Document 15Photographs of Front and Rear Garden Spaces in RBKC before Basement Construction
Document 16Alan Baxter Associates - Basement Study Report - March 2013
Document 17Letter to Greater London Authority Clarifying Paragraph 3.5 of London Plan
Document 18Greater London Authority - Clarification on London Plan Paragraph 3.5
Document 19The London Plan 22 July 2011
Document 20Environmental Protection Group - Review of Drainage and Flooding of Basements in RBKC
Document 21The London Plan - Supplementary Planning Guidance
Document 22RBKC Basement Neighbours Survey Report
Document 23MMP Structural Engineers RBKC Planning Report for Cranbrook
Document 24Dept of Communities and Local Govt - Party Wall Guidance
Document 25Communities and Local Government -Planning Aid - Non Material Planning Considerations
Document 26RBKC Tree Strategy
Document 27The Influence of Soils and Species on Tree Root depth - The Forestry Commission
Document 28RBKC Statement - Planning Consent in Context of Alternative Legislation
Document 29Taylor Williams Daley -Chartered Surveyors - Report on Party Wall Implications - RBKC Planning
Document 30David Gilchrist Horticultural Report - RBKC Basement Policy
Document 31British Standard - BS5837-2012 - Trees in Relation to Design, Development and Construction (document not currently available)
Document 32English Heritage Practice Guide - Alteration to Listed Buildings
Document 33Lord Denning - Statement on Planning Conditions
Document 34Planning Case Officer Decision Report Analysis - Basements and Associated Projects
Document 35RBKC Consultation Response to Draft Policy - March 2013
Document 36Circular 11-95 - Use of Conditions in Planning Permission
Document 37RBKC Gardens Visual Evidence Report - With Comments
Document 38Angus Morrison - Notes Agreeing to Tree Tunnelling - 10 Kensington Palace Gardens - PP.08.1323
Document 39Visual Evidence Reports Analysis
Document 40RBKC Brief to Alan Baxter Associates
Document 41RBKC - Planning Case Officer Decision Notes - 5 Wallgrave Road SW5
Document 42RBKC - Listed Building Planning Approval Analysis - 2011 to 2013
Document 43MES Energy - CO2 Energy Calculation for Basement Water Pump
Document 44Freedom of Information Request to RBKC - 19.08.13 – Unanswered
Document 45English Heritage Statement Confirming that PPS5 Practice Guide remains a Valid Document
Document 46Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council v Secretary of State for the Environment
Document 47Earls Court - Draft Framework Construction Logistics Plan (FCLP)
Document 48Critical Analysis - RBKC Visual Evidence
Document 49RBKC Neighbour Survey Questionnaire 28.08.12
Document 50RBKC Formal Replies to Information Request - Evidence Basements Publication Planning Policy
Document 51ARUP Associates – Hydrologic Review of RBKC Basements Publication Planning Policy
Document 52 RBKC - Confirm Baxter Report Authors Potentially Unqualified
Document 53ADC Acoustics - Noise & Vibration Report
Document 5424 Acoustics - Noise and Vibration Report
Document 55Barrell Tree Consultancy - Arboricultural Report - 03.14
Document 56Forbes Laird Arboricultural Consultancy - Tree Report - 03.14
Document 57Adonis Ecology Consultancy - Biodiversity Impact Review - 03.14
Document 58AMEC Ecology Consultancy - Technical Review - 14.03
Document 59Waterman Energy Environment and Design - Carbon Report - 03.14
Document 60Jeffrey George Associates - Historic Buildings Consultancy - Listed Buildings Opinion
Document 61David Gilchrist-Horticultural Review - 03.14
Document 62Bell Cornwell - Law and Policy - Unsoundness of Partial Review Policy CL7
Document 63MMP Chartered Structural Engineers - RBKC Planning Report - 03.14
Document 64Environmental Protection Grp - Review of Drainage & Flooding
Document 65Waterman Transport - Fuel Consumption Data - RBKC Carbon Data
Document 66Part 1 - Alan Baxter - Listed Building Design - 40 Egerton Crescent SW3
Document 66Part 2 - Alan Baxter - Listed Building Design - 40 Egerton Crescent SW3
Document 67Part 1 - Alan Baxter - Listed Building Design - Park House SW3
Document 67Part 2 - Alan Baxter - Listed Building Design - Park House SW3
Document 67Part 3 - Alan Baxter - Listed Building Design - Park House SW3
Document 67Part 4 - Alan Baxter - Listed Building Design - Park House SW3
Document 68Alan Baxter - Listed Building Design - 23 Devonshire Place W1
Document 69Underpinning Listed Building Analysis with Structural Engineers Details
Document 7025 Ovington Street SW3 - Planning Committee Report
Document 71RBKC - Refusal to Provide Carbon Calculations - Eight Associates
Document 72John Booth Chartered Arboriculturalist - Technical Report
Document 73Critical Analysis Baxter Basements in Gardens - Listed Buildings
 CV Aileen Reed
 CV Andrew Mitchell
 CV Andrew McCloy
 CV Chris Illman
 CV Chris Jones
 CV David Atwell
 CV David Gilchrist
 CV Emma Toovey
 CV Jeffery George Company Profiles
 CV J Barrell
 CV John Booth
 CV Julian Forbes - Faird
 CV Katheryn Leggat
 CV Mark Williams
 CV Michael Reuben Peckham
 CV Mike Bedwell
 CV Nick Langdon
 CV Richard Sands
 CV Steven Masters
 CV Steve Wilson

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