Tell us you are moving within Kensington and Chelsea

If you are moving within Kensington and Chelsea

You will need to tell us the following:

  • your current Kensington and Chelsea address, including postcode
  • your current Council Tax account reference number
  • your new Kensington and Chelsea address, including postcode
  • your moving out date (for home owners and tenants)
  • your tenancy agreement end date (for tenants and landlords)
  • contact details of your solicitor or landlord (if known)
  • how you will pay your Council Tax
  • the name and forwarding address of any previous occupant(s) (if known)

Before you start:

Your personal information provided on this form will be used in accordance with Council's Fair Processing Notice

The online form will generally take you between 3-5 minutes to complete. If you need to go back to a previous page, please use the "Previous" button within the form as the web browser’s “Back” button may not work. Please ensure the details you enter are correct as documented in your most recent Council Tax bill, if applicable. By selecting the "Submit" button at the end of the form you are confirming that the information you have provided is accurate and to the best of your knowledge.

What happens next:

We aim to issue you with your revised bill within 10 days of the start of your account or notification (if you are moving in at a future date). The revised bill will show anything you still owe for your old address along with details of what you owe for your new address. If you’ve overpaid for your old address, we will usually use the credit to reduce what you owe at your new address.

Your revised bill will tell you what your new instalments will be.

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