New tenancies

All new tenants will be given a lifetime secure tenancy. Unless you are moving from another social housing tenancy, you will start off with an introductory tenancy (usually for 12 months) followed by a lifetime tenancy.

This means that you can stay in your home for as long as you wish, providing you do not breach your Council tenancy.

Our Tenancy Policy explains how we issue tenancies for the homes we own and manage. It also outlines:

  • who can succeed to a tenancy - where an existing tenant has died and the tenancy is ‘passed’ to another individual
  • who can assign to a tenancy - where an existing tenancy is ‘passed’ by the tenant to another individual
  • how Council tenancies can be ended
  • when it is possible to create a tenancy in two names, known as a `joint tenancy’

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Secure Tenancy Agreement