Refusing licences

Can the Council refuse to license my property?

Yes, if the property does not meet the required conditions, and the landlord or manager is not a fit and proper person.

What will happen if the Council refuses to license my property?

If a landlord fails to bring an HMO up to the required standard, or fails to meet the fit and proper person criteria, the Council can issue an Interim Management Order (IMO), which allows it to step in and manage the property.

The owner keeps their rights as an owner. This order can last for a year until suitable permanent management arrangements can be made. If the IMO expires and there has been no improvement, then the Council can issue a Final Management Order. This can last up to five years and can be renewed.

Can I appeal?

You may appeal if the Council decides to:

  • refuse a licence
  • grant a licence with conditions
  • revoke a licence
  • vary a licence
  • refuse to vary a licence

You must appeal to the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber), normally within 28 days of the Council's decision. Details of how to appeal will be available to the landlord once the Council has informed the landlord of its decision.

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