Training opportunities and courses

If your school is engaged with the STARS scheme and has a valid travel plan in place, you can access our free road safety training courses for pupils and staff.

All of our courses are delivered by fully qualified and DBS checked instructors.

Pupil training courses

Cycle training

Delivered by Cycle Confident, cycle training opportunities include level 1, 2 and 3 Bikeability training courses and Balance Bike training (also suitable for nurseries). Courses focus on improving children’s manual control of their bicycles and improving their ability to cycle safely and confidently.

Level 1 Bikeability training is playground based and teaches the basics of cycling and balance, whilst level 2 training takes place on quiet roads that have been risk-assessed by an instructor prior to use. Balance Bike training involves using a bike without pedals, designed to improve pupils’ ability to balance.

We recommend that children bring their own bicycles where possible, however, some bikes may be available to borrow with prior arrangement. Please email us at: to request this.

All pupils must wear helmets throughout the courses, which can be provided by the training team where required. Children will also be supplied with high-visibility clothing for any on-street training.

To find out more about this training, please visit the following pages on the Cycle confident website:

Scooter Training

Cycle Experience deliver our scooter training, teaching pupils about how to scoot safely and confidently. We are keen to support schools in encouraging the safe and responsible use of scooters as a means of sustainable and healthy travel to school.

Our scooter training programme covers scooter skills (starting, stopping and steering), pavement etiquette, road safety advice on being safe by being seen, advice on locking and looking after your scooter.

Pedestrian Training

Also delivered by Cycle Experience, pedestrian training teaches pupils how to cross the road safely and responsibly, finding safe places to cross, applying the green cross code, and using different types of crossings. This training is primarily aimed at pupils in year 1 and 2, who are instructed in small groups for approximately 45 minutes.

The training takes place on-street in the local area around the school, using routes that have been risk-assessed in advance. High-visibility waistcoats are provided.

Children walk in pairs with one adult to every two children and hold hands with an adult at all times. At least one member of staff will accompany each group during every training session.

We will inform all eligible schools when the opportunity to book pedestrian training arises, but you can contact us at to initiate a booking.

Request a training course

To request a training course for your pupils, please email us at: Please note: if you are under 18 you will need to download and complete a Parental Consent form. We will collect this form when we contact you to arrange a booking. 

Parental consent form


Staff Training Courses

We have a programme of cycle training for beginners and maintenance sessions for novices and enthusiasts.

With 93 Santander Cycle Hire docking stations, housing approximately 2,180 individual docking points, and cycle parking throughout the borough, cycling is a great way to get around. 

Cycle training

To request a staff cycle training session please email us at:

Cyclist instructor training

If your school would like to make cycle training part of the curriculum, or would like to become more autonomous in delivering cycle training, then consider training one or more staff members to become fully qualified cyclist instructors. Email us at: to find out more.

Bicycle maintenance classes

If you have members of staff who would like to learn how to maintain their own bicycle and make minor repairs, they can attend our free bicycle maintenance classes delivered by Bikeworks.

To find out more visit the Bicycle maintenance classes page.