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Property details

Case reference: NMA/14/08597
Address: Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Road, LONDON, W11 1TH
Ward: Notting Dale
Polling district: 12
Listed Building Grade: N/A
Conservation area: N/A

Applicant details

Applicant's name: The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Applicant company name: IBI Group
Contact address: Chadsworth House Wilmslow Road HANDFORTH Cheshire SK9 3HP

Proposal details

Application type: NMA (Non-Material Amendments)
Proposed development Non-material amendment to planning permission PP/12/04097 (Refurbishment of existing Grenfell Tower including new external cladding and fenestration, alterations to plant room, reconfiguration of lower 4 levels to provide 7 new residential units (use class C3), replacement nursery (use class D1) and boxing club (use class D2) facilities, external public realm works, redevelopment and change of use of existing garages to refuse collection area) to change window sizes to be as existing, minor alterations and internal arrangements to three flats at Walkway +1 level.
Date received: 09 Dec 2014
Registration date:
(Statutory start date)
10 Dec 2014
Application status: Decided
Target date for decision: 07 Jan 2015

Decision details

This case has not yet been decided.

Decision: Accept Non-Material Amendment(s)
Decision date: 02 Jan 2015
Conditions and reasons:

Committee details

Decision by: This case is currently due to be decided under delegated powers.

Appeal details

This case has not been appealed.

Planning Inspectorate reference number:
Appeal received:
Appeal type:
Appeal procedure:
Appeal start date:
Deadline for comments to be received by the Planning Inspectorate:
Appeal decision:
Appeal decision date:

Contact details

Planning case officer: Claire Shearing
Planning team: Strategic Developments Team
Telephone: 020 7361 3012

Comment on this application

The consultation period for this application has ended.

Documents related to case NMA/14/08597

Date publishedDocument TypeViewDescription
10 Dec 2014  Drawing  Drawing-1377458.pdf   1279 SEA (04) 103 REV04 - PROPOSED WALKWAY PLAN.PDF 
10 Dec 2014  Drawing  Drawing-1377463.pdf   1279-SK110 REV 02 BEFORE AND AFTER COMPARATIVE ELEVATIONS.DGN 
10 Dec 2014  Drawing  Drawing-1377464.pdf   1279-SK112 REV 03 REDUCED WINDOW OPENING STUDY.DGN 
10 Dec 2014  Other  Other-1377466.pdf   6075 AP CS NMA COVERING LETTER 
10 Dec 2014  Application Form  Application Form-1377469.pdf   APPLICATIONFORM 
10 Dec 2014  Application Form  Application Form-1377470.pdf   APPLICATIONFORMNOPERSONALDATA 
10 Dec 2014  Other  Other-1377473.pdf   ATTACHMENTSUMMARY 
10 Dec 2014  Other  Other-1377474.pdf   FEECALCULATION 
10 Dec 2014  Correspondence  Correspondence-1377454.pdf   Validation acknowledgement 
02 Jan 2015  Drawing - Approved  Drawing - Approved-1377459.pdf   1279_PL322_REV02 PROPOSED WEST ELEVATION.DGN 
02 Jan 2015  Drawing - Approved  Drawing - Approved-1377460.pdf   1279_PL323_REV02 PROPOSED EAST ELEVATION.DGN 
02 Jan 2015  Drawing - Approved  Drawing - Approved-1377461.pdf   1279_PL324 REV 03 PROPOSED SOUTH ELEVATION.DGN 
02 Jan 2015  Drawing - Approved  Drawing - Approved-1377462.pdf   1279_PL325_REV02 PROPOSED NORTH ELEVATION.DGN 
02 Jan 2015  Drawing - Approved  Drawing - Approved-1377468.pdf   SKETCH 01 WALKWAY+1 LEVEL 
02 Jan 2015  Decision  Decision-1387893.pdf   Decision Notice