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Property details

Case reference: PP/14/04974
Address: 10 Pembroke Gardens Close, LONDON, W8 6HR
Ward: Abingdon
Polling district: 01
Listed Building Grade: N/A
Conservation area: Edwardes Square/ Scarsdale/ Abingdon

Applicant details

Applicant's name: Nicholson
Applicant company name: Basement Works Ltd
Contact address: 4 Morie Street London Greater London SW18 1SL

Proposal details

Application type: PP (Planning permission)
Proposed development Creation of basement extension under house and rear garden including alterations and lightwells to rear.
Date received: 04 Aug 2014
Registration date:
(Statutory start date)
04 Aug 2014
Public consultation ends: 05 Sep 2014
Application status: Decided
Target date for decision: 29 Sep 2014

Decision details

This case has not yet been decided.

Decision: Grant Planning Permission/Consent
Decision date: 30 Sep 2014
Conditions and reasons:


Time Limit The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission.
Reason - As required by Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, to avoid the accumulation of unexercised Planning Permissions.


Compliance with approved drawings The development shall not be carried out except in complete accordance with the details shown on submitted plans
Reason - The details are material to the acceptability of the proposals, and to ensure accordance with the development plan.


Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) No development shall commence until a Construction Traffic Management Plan has been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The statement should include: a) routeing of demolition, excavation and construction vehicles, including a response to existing or known projected major building works at other sites in the vicinity and local works in the highway; b) access arrangements to the site; c) the estimated number and type of vehicles per day/week; d) details of any vehicle holding area; e) details of the vehicle call up procedure; f) estimates for the number and type of parking suspensions that will be required; g) details of any diversion or other disruption to the public highway during preparation, demolition, excavation and construction work associated with the development; h) work programme and/or timescale for each phase of preparation, demolition, excavation and construction work associated with the development; i) details of measures to protect pedestrians and other highway users from construction activities on the highway; j) a strategy for coordinating the connection of services on site with any programme work to utilities upon adjacent land; and k) where works cannot be contained wholly within the site a plan should be submitted showing the site layout on the highway including extent of hoarding, position of nearby trees in the highway or adjacent gardens, pedestrian routes, parking bay suspensions and remaining road width for vehicle movements. The development shall be carried out in accordance with the approved Construction Traffic Management Plan.
Reason - To minimise the impact of construction works upon highway safety and nearby residents' enjoyment of their properties in accordance with the Subterranean Development SPD and policies CT1 and CL5 of the Core Strategy.


Professional management of engineering works No development shall commence until a Chartered Civil Engineer (MICE) or Chartered Structural Engineer (MI Struct.E)ÿhas been appointed to supervise the construction works throughout their duration and their appointment confirmed in writing to the Local Planning Authority. In the event that the appointed engineer ceases to perform that role for whatever reason before the construction works are completed those works will cease until a replacement chartered engineer of the afore-described qualification has been appointed to supervise their completion and their appointment confirmed in writing to the Local Planning Authority. At no time shall any construction work take place unless an engineer is at that time currently appointed and their appointment has been notified to this Authority in accordance with this condition.
Reason - The details are considered to be material to the acceptability of the proposal, and for safeguarding the amenity of neighbouring residential properties and to comply with the Subterranean Development SPD and policy CL2(g) (ii) of the Core Strategy.


Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) No development shall commence until such time as the lead contractor, or the site, is signed to the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) and its published Code of Considerate Practice, and the details of (i) the membership, (ii) contact details, (iii) working hours as stipulated under the Control of Pollution Act 1974, and (iv) Certificate of Compliance, are clearly displayed on the site so that they can be easily read by passing members of the public, and shall thereafter be maintained on display throughout the duration of the works forming the subject of this permission.
Reason - To mitigate the impact of construction work upon the levels of amenity that neighbouring occupiers should reasonably expect to enjoy, and to comply with the Subterranean Development SPD and policy CL5 of the Core Strategy.


Applicable EcoHomes Standards The subterranean development hereby approved shall not be used or occupied until the entire dwelling has achieved an `EcoHomes' rating of Very Good, with 40% of the credits achieved under the Energy, Water and Materials sections, and a Post-Construction Letter of Compliance for the dwelling has been issued certifying that a Very Good rating has been achieved.
Reason - To secure mitigation for the environmental impact of the subterranean development and to comply with policy CE1 of the Core Strategy.



Enforcement of Conditions (PP)
Your attention is drawn to the Conditions of this Permission and to the Council's powers of enforcement, including the power to serve a Breach of Condition Notice under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended. All Conditions must be complied with. If you wish to seek to amend a Condition you should apply to do so under s.73 of the Act, explaining why you consider it is no longer necessary, or possible, to comply with a particular condition.


Conditions - Precedent to Commencement
Conditions nos 3, 4, and 6 impose requirements which must be met prior to commencement of the development. Failure to observe these requirements could result in the Council taking enforcement action, or may invalidate the planning permission and render the whole of the development unlawful.


Variations to Approved Drawings
Planning permission is hereby granted for the development as shown on the approved drawings. Any variation to the approved scheme may require further permission, and unauthorised variations may lay you open to planning enforcement action. You are advised to seek advice from the Directorate of Planning and Borough Development, before work commences, if you are thinking of introducing any variations to the approved development. Advice should urgently be sought if a problem occurs during approved works, but it is clearly preferable to seek advice at as early a stage as possible. Use the following link to see how advice can be obtained: Planning Advice Service


Care in the Conservation Area
This property is within a Conservation Area. All building works should, therefore, be completed with great care. External facing work and detailed treatment should be finished in a manner sympathetic to the existing building. If there is any doubt about the way in which work should be carried out, you should seek the advice of the Directorate of Planning and Borough Development.


May require Planning Permission
You are advised that any building plant proposed at the site, including air conditioning or heating units, may require planning permission, and you are advised to consult the Directorate of Planning Services. The Council has powers of enforcement under the Town and Country Planning Act, 1990, in relation to development carried out without planning permission.


Means of Escape - Separate Approval
Any proposals for external fire escapes, exit housings, roof walkways, or safety railings arising from the requirements of approved document B of the Building Regulations 2010 may require further planning permission, and approval under those Regulations does not imply that planning permission will be granted. The Directorate of Planning and Borough Development will be pleased to advise on the implications of any such changes.


Pro forma CTMP with link
In order to discharge the requirements of condition X in respect of the Construction Traffic Management Plan, the Councils pro forma must be used which can be found via the following link: https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/environmentandtransport/transportandstreets/roadsandpavements/managingconstructiontraffic/ctmpguidance.aspx A number of revisions also need to be made to the Construction Traffic Management Plan as submitted. The proposed access and egress route outlined in Question 7 needs to be revised. Access could be achieved from Warwick Gardens left into Pembroke Gardens and straight in to Pembroke Gardens Close. Egress could be achieved via a similar reverse route. Edwardes Square to the north of the site should be avoided. Within Question 9, the applicant should confirm whether consent has been granted by the Management Company or Residents' Association, as appropriate, for the use of Pembroke Gardens Close by construction vehicles. Finally, within Question 30 there should be confirmation that the applicant will specifically liaise with the development at 59 South Edwardes Square, as vehicles for that development are manoeuvring at the junction of Pembroke Gardens and Pembroke Gardens Close.


Unique text
Any spoil excavated during construction spoil should be disposed of in accordance with current waste management legislation. Should abnormal ground conditions or contamination be encountered during excavations, construction work should cease and specialist contaminated land advice should be sought.


GTD/No pre-app/Amendmts to comply Est. G
To assist applicants in finding solutions to problems arising in relation to their development proposals the Local Planning Authority has produced planning policies, and provided written guidance, all of which are available on the Council's website. A pre-application advice service is also offered, although not used in this instance. On first submission the proposals did not comply with guidance, but improvements suggested by the planning authority were adopted by the applicant.

Committee details

Decision by: This case is currently due to be decided under delegated powers.

Appeal details

This case has not been appealed.

Planning Inspectorate reference number:
Appeal received:
Appeal type:
Appeal procedure:
Appeal start date:
Deadline for comments to be received by the Planning Inspectorate:
Appeal decision:
Appeal decision date:

Contact details

Planning case officer:
Planning team: Central Area team
Email: planning@rbkc.gov.uk
Telephone: 020 7361 3012

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