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Property details

Case reference: CON/19/04731
Address: 16E Portland Road, LONDON, W11 4LA
Ward: Norland
Polling district: 11
Listed Building Grade: N/A
Conservation area: Norland

Applicant details

Applicant's name: Brooks
Applicant company name: Seth Stein Architects
Contact address: Unit 115 300 Kensal Road London W10 5BE

Proposal details

Application type: CON (Conditions)
Proposed development Details required by conditions 3 (Submission of details (Full PP)), 9 (Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP)) and 10 (Professional management of engineering works) of planning permission 19/02922(Excavation of a basement level under southern part of the building with lightwell; enlargement of existing window openings on east facing elevation; installation of photovoltaic panels on barrell-vaulted roof)
Date received: 05 Jul 2019
Registration date:
(Statutory start date)
05 Jul 2019
Public consultation ends: 09 Aug 2019
Application status: Decided
Target date for decision: 30 Aug 2019

Decision details

This case has not yet been decided.

Decision: Discharge of Conditions - Grant
Decision date: 16 Aug 2019
Conditions and reasons:

Committee details

Decision by: This case is currently due to be decided under delegated powers.

Appeal details

This case has not been appealed.

Planning Inspectorate reference number:
Appeal received:
Appeal type:
Appeal procedure:
Appeal start date:
Deadline for comments to be received by the Planning Inspectorate:
Appeal decision:
Appeal decision date:

Contact details

Planning case officer: Stephanie Malik
Planning team: North
Telephone: 020 7361 3012

Comment on this application

The consultation period for this application has ended.

Documents related to case CON/19/04731

Date publishedDocument TypeViewDescription
09 Jul 2019  Other  Other-2258430.pdf   PLANNING STATEMENT 
09 Jul 2019  Other  Other-2258431.pdf   SUSTAINABLE DRAINAGE SYSTEMS SUDS 
09 Jul 2019  Other  Other-2258432.pdf   CTMP PRO-FORMA 
09 Jul 2019  Other  Other-2258433.pdf   ATTACHMENT SUMMARY 
09 Jul 2019  Receipts and payments  Receipts and payments-2258434.pdf   FEE CALCULATION 
09 Jul 2019  Application Form  Application Form-2258435.pdf   APPLICATION FORM NO PERSONAL DATA 
09 Jul 2019  Correspondence  Correspondence-2258636.pdf   Validation acknowledgement 
16 Aug 2019  Decision  Decision-2275426.pdf   Decision Notice