Corporate Services Grant Scheme

Information on the Corporate Services Grants Programme 2017-19 including a map of Corporate Services Grants Allocations.

The Corporate Services Grant Programme for 2017-19 is now closed. View the Key Decision report for grant allocations.

Corporate Services Grants Programme 2017-19

Successful organisations began delivering their projects from April 2017.

See the Key Decision report announcing the grant allocations for 2017/18 and indicatively for 2018/19.

The Council is keen to ensure that local groups continue to deliver a range of services which respond to and meet areas of local need. Organisations awarded a grant under the Corporate Services Grants Programme 2017-19 are being encouraged to deliver services as efficiently as possible, to evidence what impact they make and to become more sustainable and less reliant on single sources of funding in the future.

In January 2019, organisations currently in receipt of a grant were issued with a Funding Agreement covering the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 via a Key Decision.

See the Key Decision report announcing the grant allocations for 2019/20.

There has been no decision taken to date on the future of the Corporate Services Grant Scheme beyond March 2020.

A complete list of funded organisations and grant awards is provided below:

Complete list of funded organisations and grant awards
Organisation NameGrant Award 2017-18Grant Award 2018-19Grant Award 2019-20
Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Project Ltd£75,103£75,103£75,103
Chelsea Centre Ltd£264,630£264,630£264,630
Citizens Advice Bureau£697,139£697,139£697,139
ClementJames Centre£10,200£10,200£10,200
Community Accountancy Self Help£30,804£30,804£30,804
Cruse Bereavement Care£6,367£6,367£6,367
Dalgarno Trust£60,367£60,367£60,367
Eritrean Elders Welfare Association£3,750£3,750£3,750
Hodan Somali Community (Partnership)£22,236£22,236£22,236
Kensington & Chelsea Forum for Older Residents£14,000£14,000£14,000
Kensington and Chelsea Social Council£95,880£95,880£95,880
Latymer Christian Fellowship Trust£3,060£3,060£3,060
Making Communities Work & Grow£65,000£65,000£65,000
Meanwhile Gardens Community Association£63,750£63,750£63,750
Midaye Somali Development Network£17,850£17,850£17,850
Migrants Organise£57,528£57,528£57,528
North Kensington Law Centre£63,597£63,597£63,597
Nucleus Community Action£219,538£219,538£219,538
Open Age£10,000£10,000£10,000
Persian Care Centre£5,738£5,738£5,738
Response Community Projects (Earls Court Ltd)£35,800£35,800£35,800
S.P.I.D. Theatre Company£12,750£12,750£12,750
The Golborne Forum£6,120£6,120£6,120
The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre£33,150£33,150£33,150
Venture Community Association£133,620£133,620£133,620
Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea£120,870£120,870£120,870
Westway Community Transport£114,240£114,240£114,240
Worlds End Neighbourhood Advice Centre£150,450£150,450£150,450

Map of Corporate Services Grant Allocations