Local young people get workplace insight with Council work experience

The Council has just completed an exciting three-week Corporate Work Experience programme, with over 20 residents and students from the borough aged between 14 to 16 joining us to enjoy a structured programme of work-experience. The programme helped them to learn about the workings of their local Council and offered a valuable insight into the world of work.

The programme is a clear example of the Council’s value of ‘Putting our communities first’.

Interested students applied to join the programme, submitting a personal statement, accompanied by school support and references. Personal attitude, aptitude and a keen desire to experience something new were the differentiating criteria rather than academic ability or qualifications.

As a brand-new initiative, the programme combined corporately organised group activities and events with service-specific placements, with students undertaking small-scale projects and tasks to broaden their knowledge of the department they worked in.

Outside of the office, the budding learners got to know the borough a little better by exploring some of Kensington and Chelsea’s cultural gems. The group visited a local museum, something none of them had ever done before.

On completing the three-week placement, one of the young people said: “The Work Experience opened my eyes to new career possibilities I didn’t even know existed.”

We wish all those who spent time at the Council over the past three weeks the best of luck completing their studies and in all their future ventures. If you or a young person you know is interested in joining the Council for our next Corporate Work Experience Programme, follow the Council’s social media channels where you can find out more.

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Last updated: 29 November 2019