After your premises survey

Information about what happens after your premises survey including starting pest control treatments.

After your premises has been surveyed we will send you a written quotation which includes details of the contract, the pests/treatments it will cover and the frequency of the visits.

If you decide to proceed with the contract you will need to book a pest control treatment

Payment will be taken over the phone by debit or credit card. We will email you to confirm the dates for your pest treatments and also send you a reminder text message 72 hours before the visit.

You can change the date or time of a pest treatment visit online or by calling 020 7361 3002. This needs to be done at least 48 hours before the scheduled visit. If you do not make the change within this time, you will need to telephone 020 7361 3002 to notify us of your request to change.  

If you miss your appointment, there will be a £25 charge to make another or you will have to wait until your next scheduled visit which may have an impact on the effectiveness of the treatment.

If you miss your final visit, you need to call 020 7361 3002 to arrange the bait retrieval visit. The Council is responsible for the safe disposal of any remaining poisons and equipment. If we fail to gain access, this responsibility for the protection of the baits remains with the occupier if the visit does not go ahead.