Missed appointments, cancellations and refunds

Information about missed appointments, cancellations and refunds.

Missed appointments

Any appointment can be rescheduled free of charge with more than 48 hours notice. If you do not let us know you will not be in and an officer attends, that will count as a missed visit and it will cost £26.00 to re-schedule.

Reschedule a missed appointment

Alternatively you can reschedule a missed pest control appointment by calling 020 7361 3002.

Cancellations and Refunds

At the first visit, if the officer decides that the pest treatment paid for is not required, then a fee of £26 will be retained and the remainder will be refunded. If residents wish to cancel the treatment after the first visit, a partial refund may be possible but this cannot be guaranteed and depends on the stage of the treatment. A small administrative charge will also be added to cancel it.

Cancel a survey, treatment or contract

Alternatively you can cancel a survey, treatment or contract and request a refund, by calling 020 7361 3002.