Pest control during COVID-19

At the present time, the Council’s Pest Control Service is still operating.

If you are about to book an appointment or have an existing visit and you have:

  • Tested positive for Covid-19
  • Been told to isolate
  • Think you may have symptoms

Please call the Council on 020 7361 3002 and ask to postpone your appointment until your period of isolation is over or you are better. There is no charge to re-arrange the appointment under these circumstances.  

If you do not manage to contact the Council before the Pest Control Officer arrives, please inform the officer before they step into your home to avoid contact. You will then be able to re-arrange the appointment for another time.

For all visits that can go ahead, the Pest Control Officer will ask you to maintain a 2 metre distance to protect you and the officer. This may require you to wait in a separate room while they carry out the treatment. We do this to try to prevent any unintended spread of the virus should either you or the officer be asymptomatic. Thank you for your understanding.