Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP)

This document forms the Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The study is an update to the Drain London Tier 2 SWMP, completed in 2011. The report outlines the predicted risk and preferred surface water management strategy for the Royal Borough. The report also defines Critical Drainage Areas which show a complex interaction of surface and sewer water flooding.

The SWMP has been divided in several parts as it is a large document. They can be downloaded below.

SWMP report Part 1 [PDF] (file size 4Mb)

SWMP report Part 2 [PDF] (file size 5.57Mb )

SWMP report Part 3 [PDF] (file size 3.34Mb)

SWMP Appendix A: Action Plan [PDF] (file size 102Kb )

SWMP Appendix B: Modelling Details [PDF] (file size 1.37Mb)

SWMP Appendix C: figures

SWMP Appendix C part 1 [PDF] (file size 3.18Mb)

SWMP Appendix C part 2 [PDF] (file size 4Mb)

SWMP Appendix C part 3 [PDF] (file size 4Mb)

SWMP Appendix C part 4 [PDF] (file size 4.29Mb)

SWMP Appendix C part 5 [PDF] (file size 2.66Mb )

SWMP Appendix C part 6 [PDF] (file size 3.05Mb )

SWMP Appendix C part 7 [PDF] (file size 3.46Mb)

SWMP Appendix C part 8 [PDF] (file size 2.24Mb)

SWMP Appendix D: prioritisation matrix [PDF] (file size 76Kb)

Last updated: 14 July 2022