Our Tenancy Policy

Our Tenancy Policy

The Council has published its updated Tenancy Policy which explains how we issue tenancies for the homes we own and manage. It also outlines:

  • who can succeed to a tenancy - where an existing tenant has died and the tenancy is ‘passed’ to another individual
  • who can assign to a tenancy - where an existing tenancy is ‘passed’ by the tenant to another individual 
  • how Council tenancies can be ended
  • when it is possible to create a tenancy in two names, known as a `joint tenancy’

The Tenancy Policy explains the reintroduction of Lifetime Tenancies for Council tenants. This means that our own tenants can stay in their homes for as long as they wish, providing they do not breach their Council tenancy.

The return to Lifetime Tenancies, was agreed last year (July 2019) following feedback from our tenants who told us that a home for life will provide the security and peace of mind they want, while helping to build strong mixed communities.

We are also looking at how we manage under-occupancy in our homes and will be reviewing the incentives we currently offer to ensure this does not become a problem. We are looking to increase the number of larger sized properties available to residents in temporary or overcrowded homes. 

Tenancy Policy

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