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Phoenicians Bartering
with Ancient Britons

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Title: 'Phoenicians Bartering with Ancient Britons'
Date: 1894/5
Media: spirit fresco on canvas
Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.6m
Location: Royal Exchange, London
Picture credit: The Bridgeman Art Library
Interpretation: This is an example of one of Leighton's rare attempts at mural painting.  The work was completed for The Royal Exchange building, at a late stage in his artistic career. It was painted in spirit Fresco on canvas, which was then plastered to the wall in a special process carried out by Robertson & Co. The subject matter of the mural was fitting for one of the main sites of commerce in the UK. The fifth century BCE Greek historian Herodotus had written how the ancient Phoenicians (from what is modern day Lebanon) had sailed to Western Europe and traded with the Celtic tribes of Britain and France.
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