Core Strategy Examination

We have received the Inspector's binding report which confirms that the Core Strategy is a sound document subject to some amendments. Most of the amendments had been proposed by the Council in the hearing sessions in July.

The Inspector's report and associated documents are available here

Inspector's Covering Letter [PDF] (file size 119Kb)

Inpector's Report [PDF] (file size 350Kb)

Appendix A: Schedule of Changes required for soundness [PDF] (file size 588Kb)

Appendix Bi: Schedule of Changes not required for soundness [PDF] (file size 716Kb)

Appendix Bii: The Council's Schedule of Minor Changes - not required for soundness  [PDF] (file size 413Kb)

Appendix Biii: Post Submission Changes to Monitoring Table Chapter 38  [PDF] (file size 289Kb)

Appendix Biv Schedule of Changes for Policy Replacement Schedule [PDF] (file size 526Kb)

Appendix Bv Modifications to Chapter 7 [PDF] (file size 121Kb)

The Core Strategy was adopted by the Council at its meeting on 8 December 2010.


Planning Inspector Patrick Whitehead Dip TP (Nott), MRTPI has been appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether our documents are sound.

Pre-hearing meeting

The Pre-Hearing Meeting (PHM) was held on Wednesday 9 June 2010 at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Town Hall. The agenda and meeting notes are available to download under General Hearing Documents below.

Hearing sessions

As part of the Examination the Inspector held a series of hearings focussing on key issues. The hearings commenced on Tuesday 20 July 2010 at the Town Hall.

Location map [PDF] (file size 173Kb).

This is the latest draft version of the Hearing Programme [PDF] (file size 66Kb).

The Planning Inspectorate has produced a booklet:

Local Development Frameworks – Examining Development Plan Documents: Procedure Guidance [PDF] (file size 409Kb) 

This can also be viewed on the Planning Inspectorate website.

The Hearing Examinations in Public finished on Thursday 29 July 2010. 

Hearing documents

Documents relating to the hearings include:

Hearing Documents Lists [Excel spreadsheet - file size 208Kb - you will need Microsoft Excel to open this document]

General Hearing Documents

Council Documents

RBKC/1 Council Response to Inspector’s Questions ID/3, ID/3A

RBKC/2 Council Questions of Clarification on Inspector's Matters & Issues

RBKC/3 Response to Matter 1 Vision and Objectives

RBKC/4 Response to Matter 2 Quanta of Development Polices

RBKC/5 Response to Matter 3 Policies for Places

RBKC/6 Response to Matter 4 keeping Life Local

RBKC/7 Response to Matter 5 Strategic Sites Allocations inc Kensal Gas Works

RBKC/8 Response to Matter 6 Strategic Sites Allocations inc Warwick Road & Earls Court

RBKC/9 Response to Matter 7 Fostering Vitality

RBKC/10 Response to Matter 8 Better Travel Choices & An Engaging Public Realm

RBKC/11 Response to Matter 9a Renewing the Legacy

RBKC/11A Supplementary Statement to RBKC/11 EIP High Buildings Policy

RBKC/12 Response to Matter 9b Respecting Environmental Limits

RBKC/13 Response to Matter 10 Diversity of Housing

RBKC/14 Response to Matter 11 Infrastructure/Monitoring, Risks & Contingencies/Proposals Map

RBKC/15 Schedule of Minor Changes

RBKC/15A Post Submission Schedule of Minor Changes

RBKC/16 Schedule of Rolling Changes

RBKC/16A Updated Schedule of Rolling Changes

RBKC/17 Statement of Common Ground between RBKC & Kensington & Chelsea Social Council

RBKC/18 Proposed amendments in response to third party statements Beginning Day 2 edition

RBKC/18A Proposed amendments in response to third party statements Beginning Day 3 edition

RBKC/18B Proposed amendments in response to third party statements End Week 1 edition

RBKC/18C Proposed amendments in response to third party statements Start of Week 2 edition

RBKC/18D Proposed amendments in response to third party statements Start of Day 6 edition

RBKC/18E Proposed amendments in response to third party statements end of Examination edition

RBKC/18F Proposed amendments in response to third party statements end of Final Post Examination edition

RBKC/19 Affordable Housing Viability Study - Final Report June 2010 Fordham Research

RBKC/20 Updating Dynamic Viability Targets - Fordham Research July 2010

RBKC/21 Post submission changes to the Policy Replacement Schedule

RBKC/22 Planning Obligations SPD Key Decision Report July 2010

RBKC/23 Key Decisions Report Planning Obligations SPD for Adoption + App. 3 to KDR July 2010

RBKC/24 Proposed Key Decision Regarding Planning Obligations SPD

RBKC/25 Statement to The London Plan EIP by the Mayor re Targtes in the London Area

RBKC/26 Statement of Common Ground between RBKC & Kensington & Chelsfield

RBKC/27 Sewer Flooding Alleviation in the Counters Creek Catchment - Thames Water

RBKC/28 RBKC Position Statement re submission by Gerald Eve/Martins Properties (Chelsea) (Doc REP/337749/4)

RBKC/29 Updated Policy Replacement Schedule

RBKC/30 LDF Index

RBKC/31 RBKC Statement on representations made by Kensington Society, REP/175783/7 and REP/175783/8

RBKC/32 Proposed Post Submission Changes to Chapter 38 Monitoring

RBKC/34 Chapter 39 Contingencies and Risks Update New Plan B Kensal August 2010

RBKC/35 Matter 7 – Fostering Vitality Policy CF5 (k) Employment Zones

RBKC/36 Matter 4 – Keeping life local Modifications to Chapter 7: Portobello/Notting Hill place

RBKC/37 Schedule of changes – Post Submission Final

RBKC/37A Addendum to Schedule of changes – Post Submission Final

RBKC/37B Revised Schedule of Changes Post submission Final

RBKC/37C Revised Schedule of Changes Post submission Final to include revised HMO Glossary Terms

Additional Core Documents

Hearing library

The preparation of the Submission Core Strategy has been informed by a wide range of key documents. Copies of all the documents were available at the hearing sessions as part of the ‘examination library’. This is currently available at the planning reception in the Town Hall. These documents can be downloaded on the hearing library pages.

Hearing procedures

The following links provide background information and guidance on hearing procedures:

A brief guide to examining development plan documents

Programme Officer

The Programme Officer appointed for the examination is Mr Chris Banks. Chris will deal with all procedural, administrative and programming matters as he works independently of the Council. He can answer questions you have about the administration of the Examination itself, although it is not possible to discuss the details of your representations.


Mr Chris Banks
Submission Core Strategy Programme Officer
C/O Banks Solutions
21 Glendale Close
West Sussex
RH12 4GR

Telephone: 01403 253148


Last updated 20 December 2010.