Nature at Home

The Ecology Centre, along with our friends at Sayers Croft Paddington Rec. in Westminster, have put together some ideas for keeping you connected with nature.

The activities are suitable for all ages and living spaces, and use minimal resources, so there is something for everyone. Some activities can be done entirely indoors, some are suitable for daily walks and a few require outdoor space. All activities have step by step guides and resource lists. 

Download our activity sheets below and look out for new additions. 

Nature at Home Activity Sheets

Go on a search for minibeasts in your garden or local green space - Minibeasts [PDF] (file size 350KB)

Create your own mini raft and see if it floats - Build a raft [PDF] (file size 333KB)

Make an easy bumblebee model - Bumblebee [PDF] (file size 328KB)

Can you find all the items on our indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt? - Find Five Things [PDF] (file size 323KB)

Explore and collect memorable objects on a walk - Journey Sticks [PDF] (file size 359KB)

Can you recognise a tree just by touch? - Meet a Tree [PDF] (file size 310KB)

Nurture a lettuce stalk to gain another salad - Re-Grow a Lettuce [PDF] (file size 337KB)

Use the sun to help create an artwork  - Shadow Drawings [PDF] (file size 326KB)

Take time to listen to the sounds of spring - Sound Maps [PDF] (file size 335KB)

Create your own Stick Man or Stick Lady - Stickman [PDF] (file size 284KB)

Write a story inspired by what you can see from your window - Window Stories [PDF] (file size 311KB)

Make a hanging mobile from a woodland collecting walk - Woodland Mobile [PDF] (file size 298KB)

Reuse a bottle to create a home for the ultimate recyclers - worms! - Wormery in a Bottle [PDF] (file size 343KB)

Make a tiny wildlife reserve - Mini Nature Reserve [PDF] (file size 428KB)

Devise an alphabet of things you see and collect- Nature's Alphabet  [PDF] (file size 428KB)

A finding game - Find Something  [PDF] (file size 453 KB)

Make your own creation - Salt Dough Creatures  [PDF] (file size 309 KB)

clay cat

Make a puzzle - Twig Maze [PDF] (file size 332 KB)

Help birds build their nests - Helping Hand  [PDF] (file size 288 KB)

Make a wand to cast spells -  Magic Wands [PDF] (file size 553 KB)

Encourage butterflies -   Butterfly feeder  [PDF] (file size 498 KB)

Make a minibeast craft -   Stick Centipede [PDF] (file size 547 KB)

stick centipede

Cloud spotting -   Sky scanners [PDF] (file size 525 KB)

sky scanner

Make a pretend nest -   Nest building [PDF] (file size 386 KB)

Hunt using all your senses -   Indoor Scavenger Hunt [PDF] (file size 481 KB)

Take a close look at things close at hand -   Mindful Photography  [PDF] (file size 638 KB)

Make patterns from nature -   Leaf Rubbing  [PDF] (file size 529 KB)

Make a mini parachute -   Parachutes [PDF] (file size 541 KB)

Make a simple musical instrument -   Dandelion Trumpet [PDF] (file size 530KB)

A fun way to preserve flowers -   Flower Press [PDF] (file size 500 KB)

Make your own bread -   Dampers [PDF] (file size 595 KB)

A relaxation exercise -   Forest Visualisation  [PDF] (file size 549 KB)

Spin a web -   Spider Web  [PDF] (file size 457 KB)

spider web craft

Spot Faces -   Pareidolia  [PDF] (file size 472 KB)

Explore nature with all your senses-   Mindful Senses [PDF] (file size 437 KB)

Make music with water-   Melody Making [PDF] (file size 535 KB)

Matching colours-   Colour Wheel  [PDF] (file size 518 KB)

Rabbit body language -   Habits of Rabbits  [PDF] (file size 366 KB)

Colour spotting-   Sticky Cards  [PDF] (file size 524 KB)

Name native trees-   Tree Find and Rhyme  [PDF] (file size 442 KB)

Identify wildflowers-   Wildflower spotter [PDF] (file size 456 KB)

Give a tree a personality-   Tree faces  [PDF] (file size 582 KB)

Name that bird-   Birdwatching [PDF] (file size 542 KB)

Spot signs that animals leave behind   Animal Signs [PDF] (file size 433 KB)

Learn bird calls and songs   - Find your Flock [PDF] (file size 672 KB)

Create your own colours-   Natural Dyes [PDF] (file size 710 KB)

Make a picture using rain drops-  Rain Pictures  [PDF] (file size 509 KB)

Crack a secret code-  Coded Scavenger Hunt  [PDF] (file size 544 KB)

Muddy fun-  Mud Painting [PDF] (file size 564KB)

Collecting sounds-  A Fistful of Sounds  [PDF] (file size 564 KB)

Shadow fun-  Shadow Puppets  [PDF] (file size 544 KB)

Flower bracelets and necklaces-  Daisy Chains  [PDF] (file size 544 KB)

Fly a kite-  Easy Bird Kite  [PDF] (file size 262 KB)

A feast for a mollusc-  Snail Banquet  [PDF] (file size 534 KB)

Knotty fun-  Walk a Log  [PDF] (file size 532 KB)

Identify different species -  Butterflies [PDF] (file size 323 KB)

Natural maths -  How tall is that Tree [PDF] (file size 623 KB)

Make cordage-  Singing Nettle String [PDF] (file size 530 KB)

Make leafy animals -  Leaf Pictures [PDF] (file size 552 KB)

Spot signs of summer-  Signs of Summer [PDF] (file size 581 KB)

Clay creations-  Clay Critters  [PDF] (file size 552 KB)

Flutter like a Butterfly-  Be a Butterfly  [PDF] (file size 578 KB)

Virtual animals-  Animal Simulations  [PDF] (file size 543 KB)

Classic game-  Nature Pick up Sticks  [PDF] (file size 622 KB)

Identify different species-  Dragonflies and Damselflies [PDF] (file size 521 KB)

Make a dreamcatcher-  Dreamcatcher  [PDF] (file size 570 KB)