Core Strategy Review Examination

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As part of the partial review of the Core Strategy the Council submitted its draft policies on Basements, Conservation and Design and Miscellaneous Matters to the Secretary of State for examination on 29 April 2014. Hearings were held for all the above submitted policies in September 2014.

Inspector's Report - Basements

The Inspector's Report on the examination into the basements planning policy was received on 2 December 2014. The Inspector has found the policy sound subject to modifications. The policy will be formally adopted by the Full Council in due course but now carries substantial weight. The report and accompanying appendix can be found below -

Inspector's Report - Conservation and Design and Miscellaneous Matters

The Inspector's report has been received for conservation and design and miscellaneous matters and has found the policies sound subject to modifications. 


Inspector William Fieldhouse BA (Hons), MA, MRTPI was appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether the submitted Conservation and Design and Miscellaneous Matters policies were sound.

Inspector David Vickery DIPT&CP MRTPI was appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether the submitted Basement policy was sound.

Programme Officer

The role of a Programme Officer is to be independent of the Council and be the means by which the Inspectors have contact with the Council and Representors. All correspondence with the Inspectors must be addressed through the Programme Officer. The Programme Officer appointed was Mr Chris Banks.

Basements - Consultation on Main Modifications following Hearing Sessions

The hearing sessions for the basements policy were held on 16, 17, 18, 23 and part of the reserve day 24 September 2014 at Kensington Town Hall. 'Main modifications' were discussed and agreed by the Council during the course of the above hearing sessions.

These ‘main modifications’ (ID/23) and the other documents set out below (ID/24 and ID/25) were subject to a 6 week consultation starting on Thursday 2 October 2014 to noon on Thursday 13 November 2014. Representations relating to the main modifications’ or the other consultation documents were sent to the Inspector, via the Programme Officer Mr Chris Banks and are available to view below.

Representations on 'Main Modifications'

Rep No.NameOn behalf ofOrganisationRepresentation 
REP/183/010Austin MacKieWalton WagnerAMA LimitedAMA Ltd Basement Mods Response
REP/195/18Simon Haslam Basement ForceBF Basement Mods Response
REP/195/18ASimon Haslam Basement ForceBF Basements Mods Attachment 1 Flowchart
REP/195/18BSimon Haslam Basement ForceBF Basements Mods Attachment 2 High Court Appeal Transcript 
REP/198/001Calvin JacksonThe Boltons Association The Boltons - Email support for Kensington Society on Basements Response
REP/101/002Timothy ComynCranbrook Basements CB Basements Mods Response to ID/23
REP/101/003Timothy ComynCranbrook Basements CB Basements Mods Response to ID/25
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Further Reps re Basements Mods - Covering Letter
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 1
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 2
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 3
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 4
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 5
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 6
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 7
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 8
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 9
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 10
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 11
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 12
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 13
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 14
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 15
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 17
REP/101/004Kevin O'Connor Cranbrook BasementsCB Appendix 18
REP/096/001Richard Parish English HeritageEH Basements Mods Response
REP/227/001Andy Goymer Environment AgencyEA Basements Mods Response
REP/41/001Friederike MaedaAshburn and Courtfield Residents Association ACRA Email support for Kensington Society on Basements Response
REP/173/001Barbara Barnes Highways AgencyHA Basements Mods Email Response
REP/184/001Jeff FieldVarious ClientsJones Lang LasalleJLL Basements Mods Response
REP/207/16Michael BachKensington Society KS Basements Mods Response
REP/125/001Niall Caroll  Niall Caroll Email Response to Basements Mods in Support
REP/007/001Patrick Hope-Falkner  Patrick Hope_Falkner Basements Mods Response
REP/234/001Robin and Anne Purchas  Robin and Anne Purchas Basements Mods Response
REP/192/003Robina RoseFriends of Portobello Friends of Portobello Response to Basement Mods
 Thaddeus RyanMrs Zipporah Lisle-Mainwaring (Owner of 19 South End)Richard Max and Co Solicitors

Covering Letter

Item 1a

Item 1b

Item 2

 Nigel LaxSeymour Walk Residents Association SWRA Basements Mods Response
 Marianne Harris  Marianne Harris Basements Mods Response
 Keith Barker-Main  Keith Barker-Main Basements Mods Response
REP/182/009Nick de LotbinereVarious ClientsSavillsSavills Basement Mods Response
REP/118/010 The Markham Square Association  Markham Square - Basement Mods Response
REP/325/002 Ladbroke Association Ladbroke Square - Basement Mods Response


ID/23Main Modifications to Basements Submission Planning Policy (BAS 01) [PDF] (file size 32 Kb)
ID/24Policy CL7 Basements: Monitoring Indicators [PDF] (file size 25 Kb)
ID/25Correcting Addition to Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment, September 2014 [PDF] (file size 1.3 Mb)

Basements - Further documents

Ref.Inspector's Documents
ID/19Basements Hearing - Inspector's 'Get Backs' [PDF] (file size 84 Kb)
Ref.Council's Documents
BAS 21/01Correcting Addition to SA/SEA [PDF] (file size 929 Kb)
BAS 21/01 RevACorrecting Addition to SA/SEA Revision A [PDF] (file size 713 Kb)
RBKC/ED/10Basements - Main Modifications [PDF] (file size 33 Kb)
BAS 10/01Amended Monitoring Indicators [PDF] (file size 28 Kb)

Council's Response to Basement Force's Day 5 Slides [PDF] (file size 37 Kb)

RBKC/ED/13Merton Council's Adopted Basements Policy [PDF] (file size 13 Kb)
Ref.Representor's Documents
REP/192/002Friends of Portobello - Extract from Aspects of Urban Planning [PDF] (file size 3 Mb)
REP/195/012Basement Force Hearing Note - Matter 1 [PDF] (file size 84 Kb)
REP/195/014Basement Force Arup Letter [PDF] (file size 190 Kb)
REP/195/015Basement Force Arup Email [PDF] (file size 44 Kb)
REP/195/016Basement Force - Garden Natural Ground Requirement, 13 Evelyn Gardens [PDF] (file size 400 Kb)
REP/195/017Basement Force - CL7a Day 5 Slides [PDF] (file size 984 Kb)
REP/207/12 TO 15Kensington Society - Emails [PDF] (file size - 3.28 Mb)

Conservation and Design and Miscellaneous Matters Consultation on Post-Examination Modifications

Following the examination of the Conservation and Design, and Miscellaneous Matters policies held on 9 and 10 September 2014 respectively, some modifications were made. Some of these were main modifications and some were minor modifications.

The council carried out consultation on the modifications in accordance with Regulation 19 and the Statement of Community Involvement. The deadline for responses was 31 October 2014. These proposed modifications, both main and minor are set out in the following documents, as well as representors' responses.

ID/20 Conservation and Design Post Examination Main Modifications
ID/20AConservation and Design Superseded Policies
ID/21 Miscellaneous Matters Post Examination Main Modifications
RBKC/ED/8Conservation and Design Post Examination Minor Modifications
RBKC/ED/9Miscellaneous Matters Post Examination Minor Modifications
Ref.Representors' Documents
REP/30/CD/001Ladbroke Association
REP/31/CDMMMarine Management Organisation
REP/32/CDMMEnglish Heritage
REP/33/CDMMNatural England
REP/20/CD/002Kensington Society


Introductory Letter and Guidance Notes

The following documents provided guidance about the examination and those who wish to participate in the hearings were strongly advised to read these.

Introductory Letter to the Examination [PDF] (file size 300Kb)

ID/1 Guidance Notes for Participants [PDF] (file size 124Kb)

Programme for Hearings

The following programmes were issued by the Inspector for the hearings:

Document RefDocument
ID/10 Rev 6Basements - Matters, Issues, Questions and Programme [PDF] (file size 42Kb)
ID/16Basements Hearing Agenda Day 1 (16 September 2014) [PDF] (file size 26Kb)
ID/17Basements Hearing Agenda Day 2 (17 September 2014) [PDF] (file size 27Kb)
ID/18Basements Hearing Agenda Day 3 (18 September 2014) [PDF] (file size 28 Kb) 
ID/22Basements Hearing Agenda Day 4 (23 September 2014) [PDF] (file size 30 Kb)
ID/7Draft Hearing Programme - Conservation and Design Policies [PDF] (file size 9.96Kb)
ID/8Draft Hearing Programme - Miscellaneous Matters [PDF] (file size 7.95Kb)
ID/13Conservation and Design- Hearing Agenda Day 1 [Word doc] (file size 58Kb)

Conservation and Design- Hearing Agenda Day 2 [Word doc] (file size 86Kb)

ID/15Miscellaneous Matters - Hearing Agenda

Questions from the Inspectors

The Council received the following initial questions from the Inspectors. The Council's response is also provided below. 

Document RefDocument
ID/2Preparatory Questions to the Council [PDF] (file size 66.20Kb)
RBKC/ED/1Council's Response to Preparatory Questions [PDF] (file size 457.62Kb)

Matters, Issues and Questions

The following matters, issues and questions were raised by Inspectors William Fieldhouse and David Vickery. The date for submission of written hearing statements for Conservation and Design (ID/3) and Miscellaneous Matters (ID/4) was 8 August 2014.

The deadline for submission of written hearing statements for Basements (ID/9) was Friday 5 September 2014 and mid-day on Tuesday 9 September 2014 for any time-consuming / difficult questions. All written hearing statements should have been sent to the Programme Officer Mr Chris Banks by the dates above.

Document RefDocument
ID/3Conservation and Design - Matters, Issues and Questions [PDF] (file size 71.96Kb)
ID/4Miscellaneous Matters - Matters, Issues and Questions [PDF] (file size 56.46Kb)
ID/9Basements - Matters, Issues and Questions

Miscellaneous Matters-Matters, Issues and Questions RBKC Response

Appendix 1-Allowable Solutions Government Response

Appendix 2-Noise SPD


Conservation and Design-Matters, Issues and Questions RBKC Response

Appendix 1-Background Report-Urban Initiatives

Appendix 2-Architectural Review

Appendix 3-Building Heights SPD

Appendix 4-Guidance on tall buildings (CABE)

RBKC/ED/4Suggested Main Modification to CD01 - Conservation and Design Publication Policies (to meet regulation 8(5) of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012)
RBKC/ED/5Suggested Main Modification to MM01 - Miscellaneous Matters Publication Policies(to meet regulation 8(5) of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012)
RBKC/ED/6Suggested Main Modification to BAS 01 - Basements Submission Planning Policy (in accordance with regulation 8(5) of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012)
RBKC/ED/7RBKC Opening Statement

Responses to Matters, Issues and Questions - Basements

Document RefRepresentorDocument
RBKC/ED/4/BASThe Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaRBKC/ED/4 - All Matters
REP/91/001Onslow Neighbourhood AssociationREP/91/001 - All Matters
REP/101/001Cranbrook BasementsREP/101/001 - All Matters
REP/118/001-009The Markham Square AssociationREP/118/001-009 - All Matters
REP/130/001Oakley Street Residents' AssociationREP/130/001 - Matter 1
REP/130/002Oakley Street Residents' AssociationREP/130/002 - Matter 2
REP/182Savills Client ConsortiumREP/182 - Introduction
REP/182/001Savills Client ConsortiumREP/182/001 - Matter 2
REP/182/002Savills Client ConsortiumREP/182/002- Matter 3
REP/182/003Savills Client ConsortiumREP/182/003 - Matter 4
REP/182/004Savills Client ConsortiumREP/182/004 - Matter 5
REP/182/005Savills Client ConsortiumREP/182/005 - Matter 6
REP/182/006Savills Client ConsortiumREP/182/006 - Matter 7
REP/182/007Savills Client ConsortiumREP/182/007 - Matter 9
REP/182/008Savills Client ConsortiumREP/182/008 - Matter 11
REP/183/001Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/001 - Covering Note
REP/183/001AAustin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/001A - Overarching Statement Matters 1, 3, 4, 5 and 11
REP/183/002Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/002 - Matter 1
REP/183/003Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/003 - Matter 2
REP/183/004Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/004 - Matter 3
REP/183/005Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/005 - Matter 4
REP/183/006Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/006 - Matter 5
REP/183/007Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/007 - Matter 6
REP/183/008Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/008 - Matter 10
REP/183/009Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/009 - Matter 11
REP/183/010Austin Mackie Associates for WaltonwagnerREP/183/010 - Modifications to CL7
REP/192/001Friends of PortobelloREP/192/001 - All Matters
REP/193/001Victoria Road Area Residents' Association (VRARA)REP/193/001 - Covering Letter
REP/193/001 - AVictoria Road Area Residents' Association (VRARA)REP/193/001 - A - Photos
REP/193/002Victoria Road Area Residents' Association (VRARA)REP/193/002 - Thames Water Press Release
REP/193/003Victoria Road Area Residents' Association (VRARA)REP/193/003 - Thames Water Letter
REP/195/001Basement ForceREP/195/001 - Introduction
REP/195/002Basement ForceREP/195/002 - Matter 1
REP/195/003Basement ForceREP/195/003 - Matter 2
REP/195/004Basement ForceREP/195/004 - Matter 3
REP/195/005Basement ForceREP/195/005 - Matter 4
REP/195/005 ABasement ForceREP/195/005 A - Matter 4 - Appendix 1
REP/195/006Basement ForceREP/195/006 - Matter 5
REP/195/006 A1Basement ForceREP/195/006 A1 - Matter 5 - Appendix 1
REP/195/006 A2Basement ForceREP/195/006 A2 - Matter 5 - Appendix 2
REP/195/007Basement ForceREP/195/007 - Matter 6
REP/195/008Basement ForceREP/195/008 - Matter 7
REP/195/009Basement ForceREP/195/009 - Matter 8
REP/195/010Basement ForceREP/195/010 - Matter 9
REP/195/011Basement ForceREP/195/011 - Matter 10
REP/195/012Basement ForceREP/195/012 - Matter 11
REP/206/001Montagu EvansREP/206/001 - Matter 6
REP/207/001-011Kensington SocietyREP/207/001-011 - All Matters
REP/217/001Norland Conservation SocietyREP/217/001 - All Matters
REP/231/001St Helens Residents AssociationREP/231/001 - Covering Letter
REP/231/001St Helens Residents AssociationREP/231/001 - Basement Applications on St Quintin Estate
REP/242/001The Chelsea SocietyREP/242/001 - All Matters
REP/283/001The Brompton AssociationREP/283/001 - All Matters
REP/325/001Sophia Lambert and The Ladbroke AssociationREP/325/001 - All Matters
REP/325/001ASophia Lambert and The Ladbroke AssociationREP/325/001A - Appendix - Survey of Subterranean Development on Neighbours
REP/335/001Terence O'RourkeREP/335/001 - Matters 4 and 7

Other Correspondence from Inspectors

Document RefDocument
ID/5Letter to Terence O'Rourke [PDF] (file size 19.80Kb)
ID/6Letter to the Council regarding Late Responses [PDF] (file size 20.59Kb)

Further Statements from Representors on Conservation and Design and Miscellaneous Matters

Document RefRepresentorDocument
REP/19/CD/001ESSAFurther Statement to Matter 2
REP/19/CD/002ESSAFurther Statement to Matter 3
REP/19/CD/003ESSAFurther Statement to Matter 4
REP/1/CD/001Port of London AuthorityFurther Statement to Matter 5.1
REP/29/CD/001Onslow Neighbourhood AssociationFurther Statement to MIQ,s
REP/20/CD/001Kensington SocietyFurther Statement to Conservation & Design
REP/8/MM/001Kensington SocietyFurther Statement to Miscellaneous Issues
REP/23/CD/001GVA for Notting Hill KCS

Further Statement to Conservation and Design(1)

REP/8/CD/001Princes Gate Mews Residents AssociationFurther Statement to Conservation and Design(2)