Community Leadership Programme

Part of the Council’s five-year Grenfell Recovery Strategy, the Community Leadership Programme launched with a packed programme of courses in September 2019, aimed at supporting local individuals to develop their skills and support local communities. Since June 2020, the programme has moved online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Community Leadership Programme Consultation February - April 2021

Now a year on, and with the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brings still present, we are working with the community to design the next year of the programme.

Recently we launched a consultation to get the views of residents about how the next phase of the Community Leadership Programme should be delivered. The consultation has now closed, so thank you to everyone who responded to the survey and spoke to us about what the next round should look like. We’ve received a lot of feedback about how residents can be more involved in the design and delivery, so we are working up a proposal for the best way to go about this. 

Feedback we've received from residents 

  • Courses and Training that residents said they would like to see include: Fundraising, Budget Management, IT Training, Community and Bid Writing
  • Respondents were keen to have a combination of a resident-led steering group and an online voting process to decide what courses should be delivered as part of  the Community Leadership Programme.   
  • They would like to receive information about the Programme through the Council’s social media platforms, texts, WhatsApp groups and face-to-face meetings. Many respondents felt that the website was the best place to get information about the Community Leadership Programme.
  • The programme could be marketed more effectively to engage more residents - we will address this ahead of the next phase with a much more focused marketing and communications plan.  

If you would like to get more involved in the development of the Community Leadership Project in the future you can contact us at  



Click on the drop downs below to view the courses.

TPAS courses Please email for course details. Course will run from September 2021 in person:

  • Chairing & Meeting Skills  
  • Communication & Influencing Skills

Sukha Consulting Please email Martin Horton via for course details:

  • Introduction to ‘Being a Leader’
  • Being a Leader
  • Introductory programme for Leadership and Management Development

Online Environmental Courses Please email, RBKC Team Manager, Food Safety for courses details:

  • Health and Safety
  • Customer Service
  • Food Safety


How to stay safe during online learning - Tips for learners

We pulled together some tips to help you manage this and keep you and your family members safe.

Keep it private

  • If you are attending a session online, remember you can turn off your camera.  You don’t need to show your face to attend a session.
  • When you join a session, turn your microphone to ‘Mute’.  This will turn off your microphone so you can hear the tutor but they can’t hear you (or your children or pets playing in the background)  Click ‘Unmute’ any time you want to say something.
  • Don’t share any personal details or contact information while you are online. 
  • Think about where you are sitting if you are using your camera to attend an online session. Make sure that no one can see any personal details about you, or anything else that you don’t want to share. 
  • Do not share any video, images, take screenshots, record the sessions or photos of the video screen.
  • Tell your family that you are doing an online class.  This should stop them wandering around behind you or interrupting you.

Be professional

  • If you use the camera, wear the same clothes as if you were attending a class in your centre.
  • Remember the normal rules of the classroom: be polite and respectful to the tutor and other learners,  turn up on time and let others speak too.
  • Be patient if the technology doesn’t always work.

Other issues to remember

  • Only access your learning session via wifi if you are using your phone. It can be very expensive to use your mobile data (especially if you use video).
  • Using a mobile phone to connect can also drain your battery very quickly.  Use a computer if possible. 
  • Do let the tutor know if you are experiencing any difficulties this can include:
    • Language – are they speaking too fast/slow
    • You have a disability that can affect your learning
    • Anything that may affect your ability to actively take part