Grenfell Recovery Strategy

Dedicated Service for bereaved and survivors

The Dedicated Service has been set up in partnership with the NHS to provide ongoing support to the bereaved and survivors.

The Dedicated Service was launched in July 2019 and offers bereaved and survivor families:

  • a named first point of contact for their key concerns and questions
  • support from partners including education, housing and health
  • a specialist education team to help children and young people get the support they need and to help them achieve their potential
  • access to a range of additional activities and support services, designed with bereaved and survivors

A Steering Group, made up of representatives of the bereaved and survivors, has been established to ensure that they continue to shape the service. There are also regular opportunities for people to be able to ask questions or give feedback, and regular engagement with families to get their feedback on services.

In May 2021 the Council’s Leadership Team agreed to carry out a review of the Dedicated Service.
A wide-ranging consultation and review with bereaved and survivors was launched in July 2021, with a follow-up phase taking place in early October 2021.

The consultation findings were reviewed by the Leadership Team in December 2021 and proposed changes in response to the feedback are being implemented. 

We hope these changes will make a significant difference to bereaved and survivors’ experience of the service. They are focused on increasing choice and control to make sure that the service works in the best possible way for each individual bereaved and survivor.  

For more information please read the Leadership Team paper.

If you are a bereaved and survivor and are looking for more information, you can either get in touch with your Dedicated Service worker or you can visit the new separate website we have established for the service. This has been set up in partnership with the Steering Group and is a members only website for bereaved and survivors in order to protect their privacy.

For more information please contact


The majority of survivors have now moved into their new permanent homes and continue to receive support from the Dedicated Service and a dedicated Housing Management team. However, there are still a small number of residents who are yet to move into their new homes, and we are working with those families to support them with their rehousing needs.

The Grenfell Rehousing Policy sets out the Council’s approach to allocating permanent homes to former Grenfell Tower and Walk residents. You can read the policy and summary on this page.

You can also view the latest housing update for former Grenfell Tower and Walk residents on this web page. This information is updated monthly.

Grenfell Tower and Walk rehousing progress update

The latest rehousing figures for the 201 Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk households showing 198 households in permanent homes and three in temporary homes. There are no households in serviced apartments, hotels or staying with family and friends. The figures were updated on 10 May 2022.

Last updated: 18 May 2022