Grenfell Recovery Strategy

Community Leadership Programme (CLP)


The first CLP1 was established as part of the Grenfell Recovery Strategy to support local residents and contribute towards North Kensington’s community-led recovery.

As part of the CLP1, the Council partnered with a variety of voluntary sector organisations to provide a free programme of workshops that aimed to help residents strengthen their knowledge and gain new skills. 

You can find out more about how residents benefitted from these workshops by watching this short video about our Wellbeing Coaching Course that was hosted by The Venture Centre.


We have now come to the end of the CLP1 and, with £200k dedicated to the second round of the CLP, we’re looking for local North Kensington residents to join our existing resident panel to help decide how we can maximise this funding and ensure the Programme is as effective as possible. 

Please note that the name ‘Community Leadership Programme’ is also subject to change.

Joining the panel

This role will include attending regular meetings with the Grenfell Community Team, recommending ways to improve service delivery and evaluating the CLP’s impact on the local community.

The panel will also be working alongside the Grenfell Community Team to deliver Programme outcomes based on the following themes:

  • Leadership and community action skills 

Teaching residents valuable practical skills such as trauma informed practice, public speaking and conflict resolution.

  • Community leadership vocations

Informing residents about community leadership roles and how to acquire them, like being a charity trustee, school governor or a resident association chair.

  • Business and financial skills 

Learning practical skills that include forming and running a community organisation, digital skills or creating a business model.

  • Health and wellbeing for community leaders

Encouraging community leaders to think about maintaining good mental health and wellbeing, including setting boundaries, nutrition and developing safe spaces. 

Free training sessions will be provided for all panel members to help guide them through this process and to contribute to their own personal development. Refreshments will be provided throughout the sessions, and members will receive vouchers to thank them for giving up their time voluntarily. 

If you would like to register your interest or find out more about joining the panel, please complete the expression of interest form below.

Register your interest

If you would like any more information or need help completing the form, please contact the Grenfell Community Team using the details below.

The role of the resident panel so far

Last year, we recruited a number of residents from North Kensington to sit on the CLP and GPF resident panel. 

The panel was created after months of engagement with residents where they requested greater transparency over how money was allocated for both the Grenfell Projects Fund and the Community Leadership Programme. The panel roles and responsibilities include:

  • Sharing their personal experiences of both GPF1 and CLP1
  • Shaping the GPF2 grants programmes and CLP2 community commissioning processes
  • Co-designing the GPF2 grant application and assessment processes
  • Observing, monitoring and quality assuring the GPF2 grants programme and CLP2 commissioning process
  • Evaluating both the GPF2 and CLP2
  • Receiving training to help them fulfil their roles

With the GPF2 now well underway, we are currently looking for more local residents to join the panel ahead of the launch of CLP2. 

Last updated: 8 August 2022