Grenfell Recovery Strategy

Emotional Health and Wellbeing support for Adults

Through the Grenfell Recovery programme, the Council supports a range of providers to deliver targeted emotional health and wellbeing support for adults in the community.

Following a review of the provision in 2021, the offer now includes:

  • Together for Grenfell (T4G) provision is a partnership of three providers who deliver flexible and culturally sensitive mental health and wellbeing support services for adults affected by the Grenfell tragedy.
  • A Peer Support programme which provides opportunity for local people to come together to support one another in recovery.

There is more information below on the range of projects, including details of how to access the provision.

If you want to know more about the adults provision or would like to share ideas about peer support, please contact Shazia Ghani at

Together for Grenfell

Together for Grenfell is an overarching project involving three providers working together to create flexible, adaptable and culturally sensitive mental health and wellbeing support services for those affected by the Grenfell tragedy. The projects work in collaboration with local people and offer personalised services that are built around the needs of local residents. They pay particular attention to the diversity of the local community to ensure the services are culturally appropriate to meet residents’ needs.

Providers work with partners across NHS, the Council and local organisations to ensure appropriate support and access to services is available to residents to meet individual needs.

Al Hasaniya

Al Hasaniya provides a culturally appropriate counselling offer to support the mental health of individuals from Arabic speaking communities in Kensington and Chelsea who have been impacted by the Grenfell tragedy. The new arrangements also involve facilitating group sessions and workshops for older adults and men to address isolation and wellbeing themes

  • Al Hasaniya - Bays 4&5 Trellick Tower, Golborne Road, W10 5PL
  • Monday to Friday 9.30 to 5pm, and every other Sunday for “Ayam Zaman Elderly Club (Registered Members Only).
  • Call Al Hasaniya on 020 8969 2292, or email on [email protected]
Al Manaar

Al Manaar provide 1-2-1 Counselling and group therapy sessions to local communities and residents in RBKC who have been impacted by the Grenfell tragedy. They also facilitate a weekly women’s group, as well as targeted support for Adult males via a dedicated therapist.

  • Al-Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, 244 Acklam Road, W10 5YG
  • For more information call 020 8964 1496 or email [email protected]

Counselling, mentoring, health and wellbeing activities and peer support for local communities in North Kensington of Somali and Arabic speaking backgrounds who have been impacted by the Grenfell tragedy and wider Kensington community.

  • Midaye Somali Development Network, Office 4, 7 Thorpe Close, W10 5XL
  • Administrative hours are Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5pm;
  • Office based activities run between 10am and 5pm Monday to Thursday.
  • Call Midaye directly on 020 8969 7456 or email [email protected]

Peer Based Support Programme

In addition to agreeing new arrangements for the Together for Grenfell project, the Council launched a peer-based support programme in early 2022. The programme aims to support community-led recovery from the Grenfell tragedy, building on community strengths to improve health and wellbeing for local people by:

  • Commissioning established local providers and existing community groups to run new peer based support initiatives for adults, with a focus on trauma-informed and recovery-focused approaches.
  • Providing opportunities for new or emerging resident and user-led groups to establish new grassroots peer support groups.

A second round of the programme launched in 2023 and a third is expected to launch in 2024.

Current programmes

Community Football League 

A weekly community 11-a-side football programme and outings delivered by Minds United at Westway Sports and Fitness Centre, as well as other local football pitches. It is open to all people aged 16 and above.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Express yourself

Delivered by Renegade Theatre and provides acting and theatre making workshops for residents. The programme for 2023/24 will consist of 3 terms of performing arts workshops facilitated across the North and South of the Borough. The project will conclude with 2 live performances and a film screening.

For more information, please contact
[email protected] or 07881 86 08 02.

Hope Gardens

Delivered by Hope Gardens W10, this project will see the development of up to five new green spaces as part of Hope Gardens (Maxilla). Volunteer Adult RBKC residents will be supported by professional gardeners to create the new spaces. Peer support activities and support will also be on offer, as well as garden arts and crafts.

For more information, please e-mail [email protected]

JNC Fitness

Delivers a weekly fitness programme for RBKC residents who have been impacted by the Grenfell Tragedy and Covid. Workshops on nutrition and meal prep now also available.

For more information, please contact 
[email protected].

Latimer Community Art Therapy (LCAT)

LCAT facilitate weekly “Crafty Community Lunch” (at Henry Dickens Centre), and Older Adults Outreach Art Psychotherapy group (Whitchurch House).

Alongside the “Crafty Community Lunch”, an accessible open art psychotherapy group will be facilitated by a specialist therapist.

For more information, please e-mail [email protected] or telephone 07933 539 418.

Life After Covid Course

This course is facilitated by Trimenco CIC and aims to empower and equip the attendees with tools to cope with the ‘new normal’ of managing life post the Covid 19 pandemic. This training course will identify actions the attendees could implement to successfully improve their lives, with local partners being identified to provide additional support where required.

For more details, please e-mail Tameeka Smith via [email protected] or telephone 07516 790 532.

Lockdown Cook-up!

This project is facilitated by Let’s Get it Right, and consists of weekly drop-in group sessions, where participants learn how to prepare, cook, garnish, plate and finish a variety of different foods, to inspire healthy living and connectivity with members of the local community. All recipes are shared at the end of each session, as well as all the ingredients used, and participants can also take home the food they cooked in the session.

For more information, please e-mail Dehlia Tapper via [email protected].

Make and Reuse Creative Workshops 

Delivered by ACAVA at Maxilla Men’s shed. Will be facilitating 8 specialist skills courses in carpentry, wood carving, up cycling and upholstery. Focus for 2023-24 will be on creative re-use and sustainability.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Male and Female Fitness Wellbeing Programme and Nutrition 

Delivered by Our Power Hub and provides weekly health and wellbeing sessions, and a range of activities. Nutrition has been incorporated into the offer for 2023/24 as well as Boxing training.

For more information, please contact
[email protected] or 020 3417 3323.

Men Matter Programme 

This programme is facilitated by Strengthening Kensington Youth and Families (SKYF), who run a weekly programme of workshops for adult males, seeking to build peer networks amongst participants, combatting isolation. Guest speakers from local services will also be invited to attend sessions to highlight their projects.

For more information, please e-mail [email protected].

One Stop Support Hub

Facilitated by The SPACE, this project will specifically target men from RBKC, via a holistic well-being offer, utilising the “Recipe for Life” programme. Participants will engage in activities including cooking lessons, sleep hygiene, self-esteem, and assertiveness.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or
0800 047 8161.

Together We Can Heal Better

Facilitated by Grenfell Tower Trust and provides a range of health and well-being support for participants, including free trips, culturally sensitive social gatherings, and complimentary therapies.  A free Cultural Competency Training event for VCS group’s will also be facilitated as part of this offer (date to be confirmed for 2023/24).

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Weekly Well-being Group

Delivered by The Clement James Centre, the weekly wellbeing group is an informal space for people in the community to socialise, come together and connect to address a range of themes linked to wellbeing. The project will explore several topics, tools and guidance for looking after wellbeing in a sustainable way, such as sleep, mindfulness, boundaries, self-care, and communication skills.

Please e-mail [email protected] or [email protected]  for more information.

Last updated: 3 August 2023