Grenfell Recovery Strategy

Grenfell Recovery Fund


In January 2019, the Leadership Team committed £50m of revenue funding to support the delivery of the Grenfell Recovery Strategy. The £50m agreed for recovery services covers a five-year period, from April 2019 to March 2024, with some initiatives likely to continue into the 2024/25 financial year.

Due to savings made in some areas of the Recovery Programme in 2020/21, we have revised the original profile to allocate £28m across the remaining three years of the programme (2021-24). This profile was agreed by the Leadership Team as part of the Grenfell Recovery Resourcing Framework in December 2020. Please visit the RBKC committees page to view the full report and the revised profile.

The 2022-23 budget for services for bereaved and survivors includes funding for:

  • The Dedicated Service, which provides wraparound, personalised support for bereaved and survivors. 
  • Dedicated housing management services for survivors and bereaved family members in their homes.
  • Support for delivering this activity, including complaints and monitoring.

The budget for the local community includes funding for:

  • Emotional health and wellbeing services in schools and community-based settings and a new peer support programme for adults in the local community.
  • A community programme to support community-led recovery, including funding for The Curve legacy, the Grenfell Projects Fund and Community Leadership Programme and wider community engagement with the local community.
  • A North Kensington Inclusions pilot programme to help tackle school exclusions in North Kensington, supporting children and families in a trauma-informed way.
  • A new Housing Legacy Fund to support long term legacy initiatives for those living in Council properties in Notting Dale.
  • Support for delivering this activity, including complaints and monitoring.

Breakdown of the 2022-23 budget

Support for Bereaved and Survivors

  • Dedicated Service - £4.5m
  • Dedicated Housing Management support - £0.250m
  • Support costs (including complaints and monitoring) - £0.225m

Total - £4.975m

Support for the local community

Emotional health and wellbeing services
  • Schools based provision - £0.438m
  • Community-based provision for children and young people - £0.406m
  • Community based provision for adults - £0.476m
  • Support for children and families - £0.296m
Community programme
  • The Curve and Curve legacy - £0.850m
  • Grenfell Projects Fund - £0.600m
  • Community Leadership Programme - £0.200m
  • Local apprentices, staffing and specialist support - £0.387m
  • North Ken newsletter - £0.050m
Housing Legacy projects
  • £0.400m
Support costs (including core team, and complaints and monitoring)
  • £0.425m

Total - £4.528m

Total Grenfell Recovery budget for 2022/23

  • £9.503m

This figure is slightly higher than the figure in the Resourcing Framework due to funding carried forward from the 2021-22 financial year.

Any money not spent in the current financial year will be automatically carried forward to future years.

We publish information regularly about the programme and in January 2022, we produced our first impact report to inform stakeholders and the community about the reach and impact of the services, initiatives and programmes delivered as part of the recovery programme.

Last updated: 23 February 2023