Grenfell Recovery Strategy

Grenfell Recovery Fund


In January 2019, the Leadership Team committed £50m of revenue funding to support the delivery of the Grenfell Recovery Strategy over a five-year period, from 2019/20 to 2023/24.

We have agreed a detailed profile for the remaining £28m over the next three years (from April 2021 to March 2024). Please visit the RBKC committees page to view the full report.

The revised profile below shows how this funding is expected to be used over this period:

  • 2021/22 - £10.5m
  • 2022/23 - £9.1m
  • 2023/24 - £8.4m

Total £28m

This is a ringfenced budget and any money not spent in year is rolled forward and reinvested in future years of the Grenfell Recovery programme.

We continue to work with bereaved and survivors and the wider community on longer-term plans to ensure services are sustainable further into the future. 


£10.5m is committed to fund recovery services for bereaved and survivors and the wider community in 2021/22, and support for delivering this activity. The breakdown of the 2021-22 budget is as follows: 

Bereaved and survivors
  • Dedicated service - £4.5m 
  • Dedicated Housing and Housing Management support for survivors - £0.5m
  • Support costs (including core team and complaints and monitoring) - £0.25m

Total (£5.25m)

Local community 
  • Emotional health and wellbeing services in schools and community-based settings- £1.5m
  • Community programme (including the Grenfell Projects Fund, Community Leadership Programme and Community Engagement) - £1.2m
  • The Curve Community Centre - £1.3m
  • Housing Legacy Fund - £0.5m*
  • North Kensington School Inclusions pilot programme - £0.25m
  • Support costs (including core team and complaints and monitoring) - £0.5m

* In December 2020, the Leadership Team agreed an overall budget of £1m over three years for the Housing Legacy Fund, with £0.5m forecasted for 2021-22.

Total (£5.25m)

Total £10.5m

Further documents

We know there is lots of interest in the Council’s expenditure on Grenfell Recovery services funded through the ringfenced £50m budget.

In the interests of maximum openness and transparency, we have published detailed documents below on the expenditure for 2020/21.

We report regularly on expenditure for the Grenfell Recovery programme and will be adding a document on expenditure for 2021/22 in due course.

Last updated: 3 August 2021