Grenfell Recovery Strategy

North Kensington School Inclusion pilot programme

In July 2021, the Council’s Leadership Team agreed a new project to promote inclusion and tackle school exclusions in North Kensington. This project sits within the Grenfell Recovery Strategy and is funded from the Grenfell Recovery budget. You can read the full report.

The pilot project aims to promote inclusion and tackle school exclusions by:

  • Embedding trauma-informed workers in primary and secondary schools in North Kensington to support pupils, families and the school community.
  • Providing specialist advice and advocacy on education-based matters for parents and carers, working with the local voluntary and community sector and other key partners.

This pilot sits alongside the Council’s mainstream Inclusion Strategy. However, we know that children and families in North community will face significant additional challenges over the coming months, particularly with the ongoing impact of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and decisions about the future of the Tower, alongside the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

Parents and schools are concerned about these issues and we want to work with all children and families in a trauma-informed way to support children to stay in school. In particular, the project will focus on groups of children who are disproportionately likely to be excluded from school (including children from a BAME background, boys and  children with special educational needs) and work with families and schools to try to prevent this.

We will closely monitor the reach and impact of the pilot programme by reviewing regularly the number of children and young people supported in each school and monitoring key indicators of progress, including exclusion rates and educational outcomes.

We expect this project to launch in September 2021. If you have questions about the project or want to know how to access the support, you can email

Malton Road Early Help Team (now North Family Hub)

Alongside this project, we continue to provide a package of support to families in the North Kensington community, including those affected by the Grenfell tragedy. As part of the North Family Hub, the Early Help team delivers support to residents with children under 19 years old (or 25 years old with special educational needs and disabilities). It offers practical support and liaison with other services and is trained in grief and trauma recovery.

As of April 2021, this cost of this service was absorbed by mainstream Council budgets. If you want to know more about the service or think you might benefit from it, please contact


Last updated: 3 August 2021